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Business Removals

Business Removals

Bishop’s Move have over 160 years experience in providing business relocation services to a wide range of companies. Our professionally trained removal teams undertake removals for both corporate and public sector businesses, as well as SME's simply looking to move to a new office space.



Successful business removals always rely on one thing: meticulous planning and that is something Bishop's Move excels at! Our specialist business removals teams can handle any type or size of project, day or night, leaving your business to run as usual. No matter the size of your business, if you need to relocate a department within your building or move entire companies abroad we have the facilities to assist you.

The experience we have gained through our many years performing business removals nationwide has taught us that no two business removals are the same. We understand that all businesses come in different sizes, with differing circumstances and budgets. Our wide range of business removal solutions allow us to cater for any type of business.

Our dedicated corporate relocation department can handle employee relocations in addition to our business removal needs. By getting in touch with one of our team members today, we can start to put together a stringent business relocation strategy to ensure that a thorough but swift business removal is carried out. Our highly trained specialist team will be available to you throughout your entire business move, making sure that you have all the guidance and information needed to help your business relocate with minimal disruption.

Whether you are moving your office internally, internationally or simply down the road, our business removals team can provide the right moving services for the job. We can project manage your business move from start to finish, providing furniture fitters and network technicians, as well as all standard business removal services.