Case Studies of Actual Business & Commercial Relocations

Over the last 3 years, Bishop’s Move have worked with numerous commercial relocation clients in a wide range of business sectors.

Each relocation has required some or all elements of our business services including porterage, move management, archiving, packing, furniture installation and moving members of staff:

As you can see from the list, we have provided and in most cases continue to provide our services to a variety of industries and organisations all of which are well-known names. We provide our services to these clients on both a national and in some cases (AELTC, London Fire Brigade Museum, Shell, Agility, International Baccalaureate Organisation & Boeing) an international basis.

Bishop’s Move prides itself on the quality of the delivery of our services to clients which leads to on-going relationships this we have been doing for over 165 years.

We have provided a full range of services to the clients listed from filing audits, space planning, project management, provision of furniture, CAD design, relocation of furniture, relocation of filing, relocation of auxiliary items, shipping of furniture abroad, moving personnel including personal effects abroad and storage of goods.

Bishop’s Move provide our clients with a fully supported service, we are able to assist and guide our clients through projects with the knowledge and experience that ensure a cost and time-efficient delivery. Our service and quality levels are constantly monitored in line with ISO9001 and our membership of the British Association of Removers (BAR).

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Travis Perkins

Bishop's Move provided a competent train team of professional of fitters, porters and IT engineers to assist and support Travis Perkins churn request over 14 sites in Northamptonshire alone Travis Perkins.

All of these moves needed to be delivered both during office hours and also at weekends dependent on the scope of works with zero disruption to their ongoing business activities.


Bupa Commercial Relocation Case Study

Bupa is a health and care organisation with more than 10 million customers in 200 countries. Its main interests are health insurance, care services, hospitals, health assessments and workplace health.

Bishop’s Move was selected as their preferred supplier to complete the move of 2450 staff from their existing offices in 3 buildings in Manchester in June 2018 to a new purpose-built facility in Salford Quays. The move consisted of the transfer of staff over a phased programme of 80 staff per day for 31 days and the subsequent clearance of all furniture and equipment from the vacated floor spaces. The clearance work has been completed in 2 two-week phases with furniture being resold, donated to charity and recycled ensuring 0% landfill targets were achieved. Local branches provided crews of up to 30 men and 9 vehicles per day to complete the clearance works on time due to access restrictions in one building where 5 floors were occupied and no lifts were available for use.

University of Surrey (Library)

Bishop's Move undertakes library relocation for Surrey University Guildford

The University of Surrey is currently completing a multi-phased refurbishment of its library in the George Edward Building on campus. The project is being completed over several summers to minimise disruption to the students and the restricted access to the library collections whilst the works are completed.

In 2016 Bishop's Move were appointed to complete the sequential packing and movement of 500 linear metres of materials to our local storage facility whilst old shelving was removed and new shelving was installed to increase capacity.

In 2017 Bishop's Move were asked to complete a similar but much larger project to allow refurbishment of the 4th & 5th floors of the library. We were asked to complete the sequential packing and movement of 2750 linear metres of materials to our local storage facility. The move was further increased to include the internal relocation of 3400 linear metres of material to new positions within the library and 200 metres to a store on campus. A further porterage team were also deployed to assist in the movement of library furniture and equipment and dispose / recycle of unwanted furniture due to be replaced.

Bishop's Move deployed a team of 26 staff each day with 3 vehicles all supervised and co-ordinated by our on-site Move Manager to complete this move within the 10 day program. All materials currently in store are due to be returned in early September in time for the commencement of the new term.

London Fire Brigade Museum

The London Fire Brigade is relocating back to it's original location at the listed former headquarters on Albert Embankment. 

This is envisioned to take 3-5 years. Bishop's Move business relocation services have been listed to undertake the packing and wrapping of all the exhibits, as well as secure storage until the Museum is ready to re-open. This has involved our specialist packing teams to handle art and antiquities that require extra care, such as leather water buckets and glass water bombs designed to be thrown and put out a fire.

Agility Fairs & Events

Agility Fairs and Events is one of the world’s leading exhibition forwarding specialists, handling more than 1,000 major trade fairs, exhibitions, and events each year. Bishop's Move works on a separate contract with Agility, relocating MOD staff in the UK, Europe and across the globe and as part of this were referred to the events division to assist on this project.

Bishop's Move received deliveries from the exhibitors for an event in central London taking place in September. For two weeks prior to this we received and consolidated all items at our storage facility in Crawley. We then delivered all items out of hours with a team of 20 staff. The receiving site had restricted access and with no lift access to some floors, large and heavy items were delivered by hand or using stair-climbers. On completion of the exhibition the collection of all items was completed in two shifts followed by a two week window for all items stored to be collected from our warehouse facilities. Following the successful completion of this project Bishop's Move were awarded a subsequent event, similar in scope at the Saatchi & Saatchi gallery.

Alix Partners

Bishop's Move commenced our working partnership with Alix Partners to relocate their 400 staff from their existing sites in Fleet Place and North Audley Street to new offices in Fleet Place, London in 2016. This complex move included large quantities of global filing as part of the multiple phase relocation across 3 sites with moves into and out of the same building as part of phase 1 to support a re-stack strategy. This was done whilst coinciding with lease breaks of one of the existing buildings with strict deadlines for completion.

Our experienced business relocation team provided multiple relocation services including IT Decom / Recom, pre/post move support, installation of monitors to arms on the new furniture. We also relocated artwork, heavy safes and provided temporary off-site storage for furniture between phases and packed and unpacked all kitchens contents. 

Bishop's Move successfully piloted our bar-coded crate service, tracking all crates between buildings as part of this project.

Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs is an international professional services company employing 77,000 staff worldwide at 400 offices around the world. In December 2017 Jacobs completed their acquisition of CH2M creating a company with a total turnover more than £11bn.

Bishop’s Move was selected as a preferred supplier for moves across the UK in 2015. Since then we have completed a re-stack of their Reading HQ and also provided relocation support at offices in London and Exeter.

Following the merger in 2017 and a property review Bishop's Move has been tasked with assisting Jacobs as office locations in Cardiff, Exeter, Birmingham, York, Stockton & Leeds were all amalgamated. Services provided included; Move Management, IT Decom/Recom, packing and unpacking of global filing, relocation of IT equipment, furniture and files, transfer of furniture to other offices for redeployment and recycling of unwanted office furniture. We also continue to complete moves on a regular basis for the Reading office and also have relocated their offices near Portsmouth and within central London.


International Baccalaureate Organization

Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation offering four highly respected programmes of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. In 2015 Bishop's Move were selected by IB to complete the transfer of their existing archive of educational material from their existing facilities near Chippenham and Melksham in Wiltshire to Chicago, Illinois in America.

Due to a short notice period Bishop's Move quickly mobilised a dedicated business relocation team from our specialist library moving staff to inventory, barcode, scan and label all items in 600+ categories and package them in preparation of their shipment. We also arranged for agents in the USA to complete the final delivery to the new archive. 

In total we prepared, packed and loaded over 26 tonnes of material in one week.


Shell UK Ltd

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies employing approximately 94,000 people across the world. With over 6,500 employees in the UK, their operations here are an important part of the business. Bishop’s Move has been appointed as Shell’s preferred supplier since July 2015.

Since our appointment our commercial relocation department have completed projects at 4 sites based in and around London; 40 Bank Street, 80 Strand, Staines and Shell Centre, Waterloo. We supplied a full time Move Manager working on site for 3 months alongside the in-house Project Team surveying and assessing all departments prior to their relocation between sites as the Waterloo site was re-stacked with 800 staff and floors prepared ready for reconstruction works to commence. Bishop’s Move are also providing daily porterage at two locations currently booked until January 2016 through the peak period of programmed works in addition to supporting the regular weekend relocations of 80 – 100 staff per weekend.

One off projects have included large file transfers, archives and the relocation of their special collections to Brussels and Beaulieu.


Bishop's Move were tasked with completing the relocation of MOO’s 300 staff to their new offices in Farringdon, London. The company was relocating from a 4 storey site with no lift access and a restricted height carpark so all items had to be carried up/down the stairs and pushed 80m before they could be loaded onto one of our vehicles.

Bishop's Move provided trained IT engineers to decommission / recommission all the desktop equipment and a team of 25 men for 2 extended shifts, all supervised by our on-site Move Manager to ensure the move was completed on time. The relocation included 650 standard crates, all soft furnishings, a photo studio, all canteen and kitchen furniture, all IT and packing of all their china including 400 plates, 300 mugs, and 500 glasses. In addition to this as the new site is located next to a new Crossrail station under construction all deliveries had to be co-ordinated and arranged with the local operations team and then delivered to a second floor again via the stairs as other floors were simultaneously being refurbished and lift access was not guaranteed.


Facilities management company which provides building and maintenance services for the NHS in Cambridge. Bishop's Move was appointed to this contract in 2014 and continues to support the on-site FM team based at the Ida Darwin hospital in Cambridge. We provide moving services to the NHS office staff including the supply of all crates and equipment where necessary.

Moves completed to-date include office relocations, re-stack, churn and porterage works including secure and confidential relocation of patient records / files. All of our removal staff were aware of the additional safety issues in working on NHS sites with patients / staff and members of the public in all areas, and are also trained, experienced and equipped for handling technical and laboratory based equipment should these need to be moved as part of an individual move taking place.

Oil and Gas Systems Ltd

Suppliers of hardware to the oil and gas industry, their remit also includes the design and commissioning of oil and gas supply systems. They operate from site in Russia and the UK with offices and storage facilities in Swansea and Ely.

In January 2014, Bishop's Move were selected to relocate 80 staff from their existing offices, together with their warehouse stock to a new purpose built facility consolidating the two sites over a move period of 3 days. Our business relocation team provided specialist packing support, transport and move management, co-ordinating with the internal and external specialist contractors to ensure all items were relocated within 1-2 hour slots to minimise disruption and downtime for the business.

York College

Bishop's Move were awarded the contract to clear 3 sites for York College to their main campus at Sim Balk Lane in 2015. The project specifically related to their Joinery, Brickworks and Electrical departments. Joinery and Brickworks were co-located and moved simultaneously over a period of 8 days, with electrical moved over a period of 4 days.

This diverse project included the transfer of all classroom and associated equipment (drills, lathes, routers, wood stores) and also bulk items including 57 pallets of bricks. In addition to the technical aspect of the move, one site was land-locked by railway bridges and only accessible to Luton-transit vehicles. Finally on completion of the move Bishop's Move were also tasked with clearing all remaining items from two sites to ensure these could be returned to the landlord by the lease deadline.

Film London

Film London is a not-for-profit agency supported by national and regional government which aims to ensure the capital is a thriving centre for the creative industries sector that enrich the city's businesses and its people. 

In October 2015, Bishop's Move completed the relocation of Film London from their existing offices in Shoreditch to a temporary office location and our storage facility whilst fit-out of their new offices were completed. Our commercial removals team provided a complete relocation service managing the decommission and recommission of all IT equipment as well and dismantling and rebuilding existing furniture, installing new furniture and packing / unpacking global filing. Close co-ordination was also required with the building management team at the vacating property as one other company was relocating from this site over the same weekend.

Cooper BMW

The German luxury automobile, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916 has almost 200 dealerships in the UK. Bishop's Move were awarded this contract to move BMW Cooper Reading dealership in July 2015. 

Completed over two phases the move relocated the workshop staff and equipment to their brand new showroom, which is currently the largest BMW showroom in the UK. The relocation required the Bishop's Moves business removal teams to pack the workshop contents, stores and spares stored in over 600 parts bins in sequence and whilst allowing access to ensure that the business could continue to operate without disruption.


Honeywell International, Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems. 

In June 2015, Honeywell contacted Bishop's Move to arrange the shipment of their laboratory equipment from West Sussex to Valencia. The move included the transfer of 3 specialist industrial ovens and all the associated support equipment. Our commercial relocation professionals arranged for a specialist technical team to load all the items, and return them to our local depot, before transferring them to our European transport. All items were collected by the end of June and delivered directly to Valencia 3 days later with a local team assisting with the final positioning of all items.


The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets and satellites. In the UK Boeing has many sites including offices on MOD sites in support of the fleet supplied to the Defence. 

In 2015, Bishop's Move completed several projects on behalf of Boeing including the movement of offices locally in Oxfordshire and also the relocation of furniture and effects from a site in Berkshire to three locations in Hampshire and Wiltshire. Each phase was closely planned by our business relocation team and arranged to ensure deliveries were completed as expected within narrow time frames to minimise disruption to the businesses.

Leatherhead Food

Bishop's Move were awarded this contract to relocate 56 staff from their existing offices in Leatherhead to a brand new facility in Epsom. 

The commercial relocation was completed over two consecutive days using a team of 3 vehicles and 10 men. The move included a library / archive. We utilised our trained IT engineers to decommission all the IT equipment to be relocated with all the site servers.

Cambridge Broadband Networks Ltd

Suppliers of broadband and mobile phone networks to over 70 of the world’s top service providers. CBNL appointed Bishop's Move to relocate their 150 staff to their new offices in 2014. The relocation included all staff personal effects, filing, desktop IT equipment, together with their servers and a small warehouse unit.

The Data room relocation consisted of multiple Data racks and specialist communication equipment. Bishop's Move supported the on-site IT team by packing all server equipment as it was decommissioned into roll cages for security and safety. Once loaded this was transported using our specialist air-ride vehicles to minimise the risk of damaging the units.

Due to the nature of the business and any interruption in services to clients deemed catastrophic all moves were planned by our business relocation team with short programme periods (hourly rather than by the shift or day) and regular on site review meetings to ensure equipment moves remained on plan.