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Businesses of all sizes can benefit from secure warehouse storage.

Our warehouse storage facilities are the safe and secure solution for overflow stock items, bulky machinery that’s not required year-round, or materials that require refuge from the elements. Another benefit is that you can stay for the amount of time that suits you, whatever works best for your business and team.

What is Warehouse Storage used for?

Warehouse storage is what it says on the tin - a much larger space than a storage unit and far more floor and ceiling space than business premises will have. For this reason, bulkier and paletted items can be stacked and stored securely in our specially-built storage warehouses. Start-ups and medium-sized businesses in particular find warehouse storage a great way to store items that they don’t require easy and frequent access to.


Bishop’s Move Warehouse Storage

Our warehouse storage facilities are modern, purpose-built locations that can be found all across the UK. Whether you’re using us for domestic or commercial storage, you can benefit from:

  • Bespoke containers: Where required, our expert teams can create a unit for your items if they are too large or fragile for our standard storage containers.
  • Packing service: To ensure your items stay in the best condition possible, our expert packers can professionally pack your warehouse unit to ensure the best access and use of space.
  • Fully insured: Your belongings are insured to ensure that any accidental damage is covered while in our secure warehouse units.
  • Secure 24/7 monitoring: Round-the-clock, your belongings are monitored by state-of-the-art security systems to ensure security at all hours of the day.
  • Detailed inventory list of stored items: To allow easy retrieval of any and all items, we enter details of all items stored into our advanced retrieval system 
  • Flexible storage terms: You aren’t locked into a contract with Bishop’s Move warehousing. Store as much as you want for as long as you want.

Why use Bishop’s Warehousing?

All of our warehouses have modern purpose-built storage facilities at depot locations right across the UK. When you use our storage facilities, we pack and seal your possessions in special containers to avoid potential damage from external conditions. Everything you leave with us is securely monitored 24/7, all your items are fully insured and we can even build storage containers to fit your needs.

Once packed, we'll give you an inventory list and log your items into our advanced retrieval system. Then when you need to find and retrieve something, just call us to make an appointment and we'll locate your effects for you in no time at all.


Should I consider Warehouse Storage?

With so many storage options provided, it can be hard to tell the difference - for example, what’s the difference between self storage units and warehouse storage? Warehouse storage is helpful in a number of circumstances and can be a convenient way to store large items without compromising on space in your home or office. Get in touch with Bishop’s Move for a storage quote if you:

  • Own bulky equipment that is vital to your business, but not needed at all times.
  • Are finding it difficult to store stock that is only purchased on a seasonal basis or that you have bulk-ordered.
  • Have a number of large furniture items that need long or short-term storage to provide more space in your home. 

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