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At Bishop’s Move, we have a heritage of over 170 years of experience in antique removals.

Over the years, we have successfully moved a wide range of antiques and framed artworks, some of which have even travelled by horse and cart.

We provide specialised antique removal services, carried out by our experienced team of professionally trained art handlers. We understand that most antiques are often beloved family heirlooms and are extremely valuable. At Bishop’s Move, we move all antiques with utmost care and respect to ensure there is no damage upon arrival at the new location. If you are moving your antiques or fine art items, get in touch with your local Bishop's Move to ask for a Move Consultant to visit and assess your moving requirements.


Bishop's Move's antique packers are fully trained art handlers, and they will ensure that your antiques are handled in a specific and specialised manner. Our removals packages are bespoke and expertly tailored to each customer. We will discuss with you how we will pack and protect your antiques, as well as how we intend on moving them. We have a selection of packing options for antiques; they can either be packed and wrapped to export standard, or crated in a specialist wooden crate. Both options depend on the item, of course.

If you are moving your antiques or fine art items, then the best option is to arrange a free home moving survey. Throughout the survey, we will visit you at your home and discuss your antique removal requirements. You can also rest assured in the fact that Bishop's Move is one of the few removal companies that can offer you comprehensive removals insurance.

So whether you are moving a historic piece of art, a family heirloom or a modern masterpiece, Bishop's Move can ensure that your artwork or antique is handled with care throughout its move.


Here are some of our approaches to moving antiques:

  • Delicate Antiques - Moving delicate antiques made of china and glass will require a thorough assessment. If necessary, these items would be packed in a specialist wooden crate containing flow pack (poly chips) which will protect them from possible dangers.
  • Antique Furniture - When moving antique furniture, the items would be fully export wrapped as a minimum, ensuring that all weak points are protected. If the item is large and unwieldy this could also be crated, as this is a more stable way of moving delicate items.
  • Antique Paintings - Paintings can be wrapped but the best form of protection is a crate. This way they are more secure and avoid the risk of possibly falling on something, maybe a stone on the floor which could damage it.
  • Antique Books - All antique books are packed so that they do not move during transit. For antique books and those of great value, we can adapt other techniques to provide protection. This could include extra wrapping. We have plenty of experience, having moved many large library collections.