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Bishop’s Move have been undertaking museum relocations throughout its 165 years of removals and storage.

The company has historically always performed quality business removal services and our experienced Commercial Relocation Service Team continues to be highly rated by museums across the country.

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Bishop’s Move Moving Museums

The decision to move your museum is not an easy one, but it’s often unavoidable. Bishop's Move understands the delicate intricacies of a museum relocation. Throughout our own heritage we have moved collections at the British Library, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Edinburgh Maritime Museum and The McManus Art Gallery, as well as many private collections, including James Fisher Defence's collection of submersibles, to mention but a few.

No matter what the collection is - whether it is framed artwork, statues, a fossil collection, or a display of amphibians - Bishop's Move will provide the correctly trained staff with the appropriate skills, equipment and materials to make your museum relocation run smoothly to your schedule deadlines and as risk-free as possible. This is achieved by our thorough removal preparation, and planning processes enable us to fully understand your requirements and ensure that Bishop's Move provides you with a well-organised museum relocation service, from start to finish.

Specialist Removal Company for Museums

Museums contain some of the most fragile and important objects, which is why the utmost care is required for relocating these items. Treasured art and antiquities are priceless, and we spare no expense in ensuring the team handling your museum removal has the skills and knowledge to do the best job possible. You can have peace of mind knowing your most important collections are in the safest of hands, quite literally, with our trained antiquities handlers.

All museum relocations are obviously unique, dependent on many varying factors,  so please email our Business Removals team at or call 03300 585100 to discuss your museum's move in greater detail.

Museum Relocation Services

From start to end, there are a large number of things that need to be taken care of during a museum move. Countless aspects must be considered, all with the safety and security of the museum’s collections and artefacts in mind. Take a look at the removals services offered by Bishop’s Move.


  • Professional Packing - We have trained art and antiquities handlers for the for safe transportation of collections.
  • Specialised Containers - We provided the right containers for the safe transport and long-term storage of the collections and will have specialised packing cases created for items if required.
  • Specialist Equipment - We have our own, or can hire, specialist lifting equipment to suit the museum working environment.
  • Building Protection - We provide protection for walls, floors, routeways etc. in current and destination locations.
  • Custom Services - Bishop's Move can enable works such as winching points, temporary staging etc. that are required to facilitate the safe movement of any collections.
  • Installation of collections - We can provide porters to help install or relocate collections within the same building.
  • Unpacking - Our trained handlers can unpack and place museum objects into their new home.
  • Safe Storage - We can provide, or source, suitable secure storage for long or short periods of time.