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Look after your people - they're the most important asset in any business.

If your company is relocating employees it is vital that your corporation demonstrates how much you care by employing a corporate relocation company of the highest calibre - Bishop's Move.

We have a dedicated Corporate Relocation department that can handle all your employee relocation requirements from actually moving your employees, and their families, to performing school searches and assistance with VISAs.

Bishop's Move can take the anguish out of corporate relocation by taking care of all aspects of your employee's move and being there for them at every step of the process. With our unrivalled experience in this field, you can be sure nothing is beyond the expertise of our corporate relocation consultants - from relocating one member of staff to a new house across town to relocating an entire workforce to the other side of the world, ensuring a successful relocation.

We understand that moving employees around the country or from overseas, is often a vital part of business. Whether you need corporate relocation for a few key executives or a whole department, we have a proven European Relocation team and International Relocation team at your disposal - so you’ll be amazed at how painless and stress-free relocating employees abroad can be.

If your employee relocation needs are ongoing, we can offer discounted rates and specialist services for Corporate Accounts.

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Our comprehensive corporate relocation services include:

  • Single / Family Orientation
  • Group Orientation
  • Home Purchase Assistance and Temporary Accommodation Needs
  • Service Apartments
  • Furniture Rental
  • Settling-in Programme
  • School Search
  • Assistance with Cars
  • Cross Cultural Training in the UK Prior Departure.
  • Partner Support Programme
  • Policy Issues
  • Removal & Shipping Services
  • Global Storage Solutions
  • VISA & Immigration Assistance