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Crate Rental

Bishop's Move's crates are environmentally friendly, durable and reusable; ideal for businesses and individuals to safely transport or store items.


Our crate rental services are available from all our national branches, meaning wherever you are, we can supply the right crates for your requirements. Whether you’re looking for more secure storage or are transporting your belongings for a home move, Bishop’s Move can deliver and collect crates as you need.

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Moving Crate Rental

If you are moving home or relocating a business, it’s vital that your belongings are as safe and secure as possible en route, particularly if moving a large distance. We can deliver quality crates wherever you are in the UK, ensuring your items are protected while enjoying all the added benefits of crate hire over buying countless cardboard boxes alongside other packing materials. With over 25 branches across the UK, we can easily deliver all the crates that you will need to undertake your move, safely and quickly.

Storage Crate Hire

Our storage crates provide complete peace of mind in that your items have the best possible protection, whether they are state-of-the-art IT assets, archiving filing or your employee's personal possessions.

Free Crate Collection & Delivery

We can deliver our crates the next day to wherever you are in the UK, so don’t worry about planning your crate hire last minute. In addition, the last thing you want is your moving materials hanging around your premises for months while you decide what to do with them. Take the post-move stress away, knowing that Bishop’s Move is on hand to collect your empty crates whenever you’re ready. 

Moving Box Hire Extras

For moving bulky items by yourself, Bishop’s Move is also happy to provide roll cages and skates for heavier crates. This can ease your moving process significantly, allowing easy transport of all your most prized possessions.

Why Rent Crates With Bishop’s Move?

As a professional removals company with over 160 years of experience, it’s safe to say that Bishop’s Move knows how to carry out a smooth and successful home or business move. When you rent your crates with us, you can rest assured that they are built for removals. Our crates are sturdy and stackable, meaning your move is as easy as possible, letting you worry about the more important things. 

Whether you would like our incredible and fully-trained removals crews to assist you or whether you would prefer to do the heavy lifting yourself, we can provide all the skates or roll cages you require to complement your crate rental, only with Bishop’s Move.

Why Hire Crates for Moving or Storage?

  • Affordable – hiring crates from Bishop’s Move is a cheaper alternative to buying cardboard boxes or hiring crates yourself.
  • Fast - we can deliver the next working day to any UK location.
  • Easy - quick to use! Simply open the lid and pack. We provide labels free of charge.
  • Environmentally Friendly – all our crates are reusable, again and again, plus at the end of their product life they can be responsibly recycled.
  • Safe / Secure – our crates are robust and designed to protect your items in transit. They can also be sealed with tamper-proof seals.
  • Movable – our crates can easily be carried (if light) or stacked and moved on skates or trolleys which we can also hire out to you.
  • Stackable – lids allow you to safely stack the crates when full, and pack internally when empty to create space in your office.

With over 25 branches across the UK, we can easily deliver all the crates that you will need to undertake your move, safely and quickly.

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