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Medical Facility & Health Care Relocation Services

Hospital relocation is an extremely delicate process with patient care being of paramount importance.

Bishop’s Move has experience in moving hospitals of varying different sizes to new locations. We can undertake project management of your healthcare relocation along with internally moving wards, handling sensitive information and moving expensive medical equipment.

We make sure that we follow any restrictions and comply with any regulations that you might have, whether you need our services for a small medical lab or a large hospital relocation.

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Why Choose Bishop’s Move for Hospital Relocation?

We have worked on many health care relocation projects that include moving the entire hospital and moving wards internally. One of our most recent clients was Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust as we helped them move into three new locations. Our fully qualified removals team have the expertise and experience to make sure that your move runs smoothly without any disruption to the services you offer. 

What is Hospital Relocation?

Hospital relocation is a specialist removal service that enables hospitals, health care practices and doctor’s surgeries to move to a new location with minimal disruption to their patients and staff. It is a service offered by experienced removal companies who take into account all the needs and special requirements for moving hospital locations.

Bishop’s Move Hospital Relocation Services

Some of our specialist health care relocation services include;

  • Professional and specialist removals team
  • Secure disposal of any confidential information
  • Regulatory Compliance for the healthcare sector
  • Bespoke service and dedicated move manager
  • Experience within the NHS hospitals

About Bishop’s Move Relocation Services

We have more than 165 years of experience in the removals industry and a network of branches across the UK. With over 25 branches, we have a wide range of knowledge about the entire country and our teams work together to ensure that your move goes according to plan. Bishop’s Move has a dedicated business removals sector and has provided removals services for a wide range of clients. We have experience in hospital relocation and removals in the health care sector, which combined with our nationwide coverage makes us the perfect choice for your removal needs.

Moving a hospital is a massive relocation process and we understand that a number of challenges can arise when you are planning to move. We have a thorough planning process that allows us to exceed your expectations and be on hand throughout the move to ensure everything runs smoothly. Minimising patient impact is a major priority when considering health care relocation services, and we are experts at curating seamless hospital moves. Our team can even assist with layout and planning if you require assistance here. We will make sure that no aspect of your move is left out.

Recent Medical Relocation Clients

Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health
When the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust was planning the exciting relocation of their various healthcare locations around Birmingham into three brand new state of the art buildings, they were looking to appoint a relocation partner who could supply the complete package from Move Management right through to the actual physical move.

Our Business Relocation Manager, who was involved in the project from the initial tendering stage until the final completion, commented:

"The relocation of hospitals is a complex and specialised business but with our growing expertise and reputation within the NHS for delivering a first-class service on time and within budget, together with the experience and flexibility of all of our staff throughout the company, we are ideally placed to manage and complete the move from conception to completion.’

Bishop's Move was confirmed as the partner and set about joining the project team, adding their expertise and experience to ensure that everything would be planned right down to the last detail. Aside from essential planning, the smooth running of the project and delivering the services within the agreed budget and all on time were of utmost priority.

It was important for the Move Manager to work as part of the team and get to know them but also to be able to understand the particular concerns and requirements that the trust had.

The trust had sites throughout Birmingham and the initial moves were to free off space for the moves to come. Each department had their own particular needs and concerns and the Move Manager had to build this into his plans. Initial moves were for the more elderly adults, involving exact timings to ensure the minimum of disruption. He reported: " We had to wait until after breakfast had been served, then collect everything, relocate it across and set it up so as the patients arrived, they recognised it and immediately felt at home. This was achieved with crews from our Birmingham depot who have worked at many hospitals across the UK and who understand the particular needs of a hospital." 

We then had to amalgamate two pharmacies from two separate sites into one new site which involved meetings with both teams and careful planning as there could be no downtime whilst the move was taking place. The packing, relocating and unpacking had to run like clockwork and was completed within the required timescale, much to the satisfaction of the Trust.

When it came to the main move, the Project Manager visited every department to encompass the particular requirements of each of them within the move schedule. The plan was agreed with the Trust with each days work being planned for minimum disruption to the hospital. We had teams from our branches at Birmingham, Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford and Luton all working together not only to complete the move, but to also completely clear the old site, so that it could be decommissioned for demolition. The Trust would incur large penalty costs if the whole project was not completed on time. However, all was finished a day and a half ahead of schedule.


Joyce Bradley, Deputy Move Manager / NHPT Support Manager, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust, praised the service:

‘The Bishop’s teams were really professional, very helpful and were tolerant of our particular needs with regards to the nature of our patients. The up front preparation that the Move Manager worked with us to develop, made the moves go that much more smoothly and it is certainly a service which we would use again. 

Our biggest problem was the failure of the new lifts here and the problems and delays to the moves this caused. However, working with the Move Manager and the removals team supervisors, we consequently changed some of the original plans and then not only caught up with our programme but moved ahead of it where we could.

The flexibility that Bishop’s Move showed was really appreciated, especially in their ability to expand the teams who worked with us by calling in assistance from other depots around the country - this worked really well. The Birmingham teams were truly outstanding and the teams from Leeds, Oxford and Cambridge all demonstrated the same level of skill, commitment and team work. Our earlier small moves went well, but the main move of the whole Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital just seemed to go so effortlessly.


Everyone I’ve spoken to has nothing but grateful appreciation of the work that Bishop’s Move have done for us. Most people didn’t see all the effort that they then put in to clearing our old buildings. The fact that they managed to completely clear the whole site of all the old furniture and other non-fixed items in only five days has astounded the demolition company – they have never seen a building handed over to such a complete level of emptiness as was achieved, and that was down to the Bishop’s Move teams.

Everything in their tender and the meetings we had before we awarded the contract has not only been achieved but I think exceeded. It has been a great experience to have worked with Bishop’s Move.'

You can talk confidentially to our Business Removals team on 03300 585100 about your hospital relocation requirements.

Thank you to all the team at Bishops Move for helping us successfully move our London clinic last weekend. This is the fourth time in 18 months we have utilized your company to move parts of our business and in each case your service has been outstanding. Ewan Cuthbertson Managing Director ResMed UK Ltd