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Bishop's Move have an enviable record when it comes to looking after our clients and their possessions. However, as a safeguard, we also include comprehensive removals insurance in our moving packages.

However, with a heritage of over 170 years removals experience behind us, we are realistic enough to know that accidents can happen from time to time. Most home contents policies do not cover personal effects during a house move and it is for this reason that we offer removals Insurance services as an added safeguard for our customers.


Whether you are moving 100 yards down the road or to the Outer Hebrides, Bishop's Move customers can do so safe in the knowledge that their possessions will be in the most capable hands. In the unlikely event that a claim has to be made, it will be dealt with efficiently and professionally by our experienced removals team. With our established removals insurance policy, you can rest assured that your effects are fully covered by a comprehensive removals policy on which you can claim.

The vast majority of removal companies do not offer removals insurance on your possessions and, instead, they insure their 'liability' for damage to your goods. This kind of removals insurance covers the remover and not the customer. This can be potentially costly and time-intensive to the customer, especially if legal action is required against their removers in order to get compensation. Plus, there is no independent ombudsman to review your complaint and agree on an outcome.

At Bishop's Move, we want to make the whole subject of removals insurance totally clear and hassle-free for our customers. We have therefore made removals insurance a requirement of moving with us. (Please note that our removals insurance is only exclusively available to customers of Bishop's Move)

What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

Goods in transit insurance covers your belongings for any damage or loss during the removal process. This is often standard practice among removal companies and is something you should question if your removal company doesn’t seem to include it. The cost is usually built into your quote as it isn’t something a reputable moving company would allow you to remove as a service.


The removals insurance provided by Bishop’s Move is underwritten by a specialist insurer and is designed for the specific purpose of insuring your move from start to finish. The cover is short term, inexpensive and does not affect the claims record on your household insurance should a claim need to be made. 

Of course, if you are already insured elsewhere for moving house and can provide evidence of your insurance (via a policy wording, an endorsement or a note from your insurers/brokers) then we are of course very happy to accept this as evidence of your own insurance arrangements for the move.


Full details about our comprehensive removals insurance can be talked through with our Move Consultants at the time of your home moving survey, or with your local Bishop's Move.


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Cancellation Protection Plan

Moving Home is and has always been an inherently stressful milestone in anybody's life.

Completion dates are often changed last minute leaving you, the customer, stressed and feeling uneasy for how your sale and/or purchase will progress. If you have booked with us, a change in date may result in additional charges.

Our Cancellation Protection Plan will reduce the stresses and uncertainties of moving, allowing for a change in date without incurring additional costs, subject to T&C's. Please call us on 0800 107 8422 for more detail about this product.

Late Key Waiver

Through our 165 years of experience, we've come to terms that no matter how well planned for, recieving your keys on time is in the hands of the legal system.

Our Late Key Waiver protects you against the potential additional costs incurred for overtime working. This option will allow for an additional 3 hours to gain access to your property, providing flexibility and peace of mind. Please call us on 0800 107 8422 for more detail about this product. 

Bishop's Move adhere to the British Associations of Removers Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme which is independently operated by the Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman (FHIO):


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