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When you opt for our Concierge Services, your dedicated Bishop's Move Concierge Consultant will be right by your side whilst you move home.

Bishop's Move Concierge Consultants are there for when you need them the most. They will help you to prepare for your move by providing support with all the little things that need administrating when moving home, such as help with preparation for de-cluttering, the closing down of utilities, council tax, finding GP surgeries and Dentists and even help with getting your address changed with regards to your TV license. This 1-2-1 service will simply save you hours of your valuable time and allow you to get on with the other intricacies involved with moving.

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You can either opt for one of the following, or combine them into one service :

Option 1

Our Concierge Consultant will:

  • Visit you at home and remain your key point of contact until you move in to your new home.
  • Advise on every aspect of moving from cancelling direct debits to registering pets at their new vets.
  • Manage the closing of accounts for Council Tax, Electricity, Gas, Water, TV License and Postal Redirection.
  • Offer advice and guidance on downsizing, decluttering and working with you to prepare for the move.

Option 2

Our Concierge Consultant will:

  • Provide moving house pack and be available to liaise over the telephone.
  • Provide 4 hours one to one support on the day of your move.
  • Depending on which property - help pack / unpack to cupboards.
  • Help you settle into your new home and offer emotional support during a potentially stressful time.
Help with Unpacking

We can also offer a full day's Unpack Service to all our clients, where you will have one of our trained removal crew members for a day to unpack your boxed belongings, for an additional cost. If you would like to use our Unpack Service, simply request this whilst on the phone or during our Pre-Move Survey visit.

Our core aim is to ensure your move with Bishop's Move is as stress free as possible. Using one of our Concierge Consultants will remove the time consuming elements of moving house, allowing you to enjoy the adventure of your new home … so save some precious time and book our concierge services today.


Please note that once the Bishop's Move Concierge service team have started the concierge process, the full service fee is payable.