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Welcome to Platinum Move, where we specialise in providing exceptional home moving services.

Moving home is far more than transporting your furniture and belongings from one property to another. You are ending one chapter in your life and starting a new one - something that often gets overlooked in the stress of a property transaction.

The Platinum Move team understands the importance of relocating your most beloved and cherished possessions. You can rest assured that with our bespoke moving and concierge services that your move is in safe hands.

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A few words from James Comley, General Manager

Entrusting a removals company with your most prized and cherished possessions; from heirloom furniture to family photographs, antiques with huge sentimental meaning and adored pieces of clothing, requires trust. You are putting your faith in our hands.

At Platinum Move, we understand and undertake that responsibility with the utmost gravity, sensitivity and care. For me, it's a personal responsibility I take incredibly seriously with every single client I work with. When a Platinum Move service is completed, I have immense personal pride. I call it the "fuzzy feeling" of knowing you are happily settled in your new home with everything in the right place around you, all ready to embrace the next chapter in your life.

No two moves are the same; you and your home are unique. This is why I, and my Platinum Move team, take the time to get to know all about you and your home. I want to hear about your furniture and your most loved possessions; be it your family's grand piano, favourite artwork, inherited glass collection or your cashmere suits and gowns.

Most importantly I, and my team, will listen to you. We'll take on board what you say and what you want, and we will carry out your move to the letter.

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