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Self Store or Storage Warehouse?

10 Nov 2020

Self Store or Storage Warehouse?
Self Store or Storage Warehouse? What's the difference and what is right for me?

We're often asked what the difference is between self storage and warehouse storage, and to be honest, storage-wise there really is not much!

Self store is the right option for those who want to access their items daily, or at least weekly, to take things in or out. You will be the only one with access to your storage room.

This makes Self Store ideal for :

  • Businesses to store stock, tools, equipment or excess office furniture
  • Home owners looking to store unrequired furniture or personal effects for a little while.
  • Students looking for holiday storage and save them the cost of renting.
  • Self-employed looking for accessible storage for their business instead of keeping everything at home.

Find out more about Self Storage by visiting our very own self store facility

Warehouse storage is better for those who simply want to store items they do not need to access on a regular basis. So this is the right storage option for you, if you are putting things in to store for a few weeks, or months, or years.

Warehouse storage is great for :

  • Businesses to store excess stock, tools, equipment or excess office furniture.
  • Home owners looking to store furniture and personal items whilst renovating, or making space to sell their home.
  • Renters who may need to keep some items in store instead of in the rental property.

Both will keep you items secure, and both may offer collection and delivery in and out of store as an additional service. Plus you should be able to buy storage boxes and packing materials at both.

The BIG difference is in the price!

Warehouse storage is often the cheaper option. This is because it is not reliant on costly purpose built rooms, but containers that can be stacked, and whilst you have professional warehousemen on site there is not normally 24/7 access, so you will need to book an appointment to access your storage.


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