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Christmas Storage Ideas

20 Nov 2020

Christmas Storage Ideas
Christmas Storage Ideas

If like us, every December (or November, in this year’s case) you transform your home into your own Santa’s grotto, come New Year you will know the stress of having to pack all of the baubles, tinsel and other ornaments away, along with that large inflatable Santa back into hiding for the year. You spend all this time packing only for you to then spend hours on end the following year digging them out and trying to untangle all the lights that have become entwined with a shelf in the garage.

We too, understand this pain, so to make your start to 2023 that little bit easier we have put together a set of tips for storing your Christmas decorations.

Try Using Dividers

There’s nothing worse than opening up a box of decorations after months of anticipation to realise some of your favourite baubles have been damaged in storage. So, to avoid breaking any of your lovely colourful decorations try using box dividers. You can purchase these from stores, or if you feel like getting creative you can make your own out of cardboard. Either way they would be an excellent start to safely packing away your decorations.

If you’re running low on boxes this year, we provide a number of different sized boxes and packing materials that are perfect for tucking away all your festive décor.

Label Things

Often spend hours rummaging through different boxes in the attic in a desperate search for your decorations every year? We know the feeling. That is why one of our top tips is to label your boxes. It seems so simple, but you’ll be amazed at the time this will save you each time you’re in the attic scampering around in search of your festive lights.  Whether you write things on the side with a marker pen or create custom labels for each box, you’ll be pleased you did it.


Wrap Your Lights

Tangled Christmas lights often spearhead the clean-up chaos that follows the festive period. I think it’s about time we tackle this tangled disaster head on. There are different items you can use throughout the house to wrap your lights around to avoid such disaster, for instance:

  • Cardboard
  • Coffee tins or other cans
  • Inner cardboard of toilet roll
  • A bottle

By wrapping your lights around certain objects you will not only be able to safely store them away, but you will be able to do so whilst avoiding the dreaded untangling ordeal later in the year.  

Use Clear Boxes

By using clear boxes to pack away after Christmas it allows you to be able to see the exact contents of each box, meaning all you need to do is peep down the side and you can see what decorations are stored in each box. In addition, clear boxes tend to be made from more durable materials, so should be better to withstand any rough and tumble without damaging the contents inside. 

Get Creative with Packaging

You don’t have to settle for any of the ‘traditional’ packing methods, you can try being a little creative with what you have around the house. For example, you could pack away baubles and ornaments in egg cartons, or plastic coffee cups lined with tissue paper. Or pack tinsel away in some takeaway tubs, there is plenty to choose from so see what you have lying about and put it to use. This is a great way to not only neatly tidy away after Christmas, but also make use of the single-use plastic items you may have at home, instead of just binning them.

We hope these Christmas storage tips are useful to you and help avoid any of that post-Christmas chaos. And if all else fails then you’ve always got the option of taking advantage of our self-storage facilities to help you out, at least that way you’ll know exactly where everything is being kept.

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