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IT relocation can be a risky business when there’s so much data at stake, but not when you are using Bishop's Move.

Whether you’re moving internally or over a long distance, we will ensure that each item is decommissioned, relocated and recommissioned, with zero downtime.

Bishop's Move offers a comprehensive range of IT relocation from desk moves and cabling and cable management services to full data centre relocation services, all with full auditing and project management.

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IT Moves & Changes

Whether you are moving one workstation and PC, the entire office network, or a full data centre relocation, our expert IT relocation team can plan, implement and project manage your move using specialist IT engineers to ensure that each individual item is decommissioned, relocated and recommissioned.

Desk Moves

We know just how much your IT is integral to business and therefore we offer a fully managed desk relocation service. Our professionally trained staff will ensure that your PCs, laptops, TFTs, phones and printers are all securely packed and wrapped using special anti-static, air-cushion packaging material, computer crates and security roll cages, along with our vehicles’ tail lift facility to ensure safe transit of your systems

Cabling & Cable Management

Our comprehensive Cable Management services including asset tagging, auditing and labelling. This means that each PC system, terminal or printer will have its own secure crate and sealable cable assembly bag so that no peripheral or connection items go missing. 

On delivery to the new location, our skilled relocation teams will ensure that your IT equipment is unpacked, sited and recommissioned to the agreed plan.

IT relocation services


Server Relocation Services

Due to the complexities of server relocation, decommissioning and recommissioning and the business-critical nature of such a project, we undertake a full scoping exercise prior to relocation. This covers the technical, logistical and business considerations of server relocation and liaison with all stakeholders and allows us to generate your unique relocation schedule.

As part of our methodology, our engineers label all the connectivity and power feeds, remove all the cabling, then remove services from their rack. To minimise risk we then place each service in to robust lined containers (a server case) manufactured specifically for the relocation of servers, prior to transport.

On arrival, server equipment is re-racked as per requirement, cables reconnected and managed, and then the equipment is thoroughly tested by our team of experts and yourselves.

As you can see, using an accredited removal firm, such as ourselves, to move your IT not only can save you a lot of time and money, but can also ensure minimum downtime, which is essential in today's modern business environment.

If you would like to discuss you IT relocation requirements through with us, just call 03300 585100.