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Best Locations for Expats in Australia

16 Sep 2022

Best Locations for Expats in Australia
Dreaming of a new life down under? You are not alone

With the vast land, an abundance of activities, incredible cities, the Great Barrier Reef and a sun-filled lifestyle, Australia has a lot of points for any visitor. Not to forget, the vast land in Australia also comes with creepy crawlies like snakes, spiders and even crocodiles, but natural disasters can – and do – happen. “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” will not work when living in Australia, that only works for the cameras.

Back to the good stuff. Thanks to technology, making big moves like this can be less daunting than in the past. Contacting anyone at any given time has become a normal part of life. Making a move like this is such a big decision with lots to consider. We can help you every step of the way getting your stuff from A to B. This isn’t our first rodeo with relocations such as this, speak to our International Relocation team if you have any enquiries. They are there to answer all your questions. 

In this blog, we will feature the top destinations in Australia for relocation. Obviously, there are many other places you may choose to move to in Australia, we can help you get there too. 


Sandy beach at Byron Bay, Australia


Byron Bay

Byron Bay draws you in, not just for its rugged coastline with scrubby cliffs and cool beaches, but it’s also got a relaxed atmosphere that keeps people coming back. Byron Bay tells you to chill out – quite literally on a sign as you enter the town. 

This is a very busy destination, with a lot of ‘backpackers’ travelling through as it is a must on the list when in Aus. There’s a hippie-by-the-sea vibe here and is catered to vegan and organic living. It’s a relatively small place to live – the kind of town where getting around on a bicycle is the norm. Along with lots of surfing. Lily Pilly Byron is also a nice place to live, all small houses with cute gardens. If small towns are not for you, then you can rule out Byron however if you are more interested in a small knitted community then this will be perfect for you. 


Blue skies and white clouds over residential Sydney with the CBD skyline in the background.


Sydney, although not the capital of Australia, is the largest city in the country. Life in Sydney has a healthy culture, the sunshine helps which makes people live outdoors. The healthy culture doesn’t stop there, you can see there’s been a huge influx of incredible healthy cafes and restaurants popping up all over the place. If you are vegetarian and vegan then even better, you’ll love the choices in Sydney. 

There is much to explore in Sydney. Living here can be expensive. The neighbourhood of Manly comes highly recommended due to its simple ferry ride to town with all the other commuters. The housing in New South Wales is of a higher quality than most; a mixture of beautiful period properties and new builds, there’s something to suit the taste and budgets of most new arrivals.


City of Perth, Australia, with sun setting in the sky.


Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world. When you’re in the city itself, you certainly feel the weight of the natural world around you, with deserts to the north, south and east, and a wide open sea to the west; there’s a lot of open space to enjoy if you like the great outdoors. 

Head to Maylands if you want a nice place to live in Perth that comes complete with quirky vintage shops and cute bakeries. If a quiet life is what you are looking for surrounded by beautiful beaches and a mass of desert Perth will be the place for you. 


Clouds over Mount Wellington overlooking Hobart city in Australia.


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania. Sitting on a backdrop of Mount Wellington (1,270m), which can be hiked thanks to numerous trails of Wellington Park. The town itself is extremely picturesque, which makes it a perfect place to wander. It is also full of history which adds to its charm. 

For beer fans (and more history) you will be able to check out the oldest brewery in Australia, the Cascade Brewery, founded in 1832. Looking for an area to live in Hobart, the north is the area highly recommended to begin your search. Similar to Perth, Hobart is known to be slightly more isolated and surrounded by nature. 


Tall city buildings overlooking the river and train line of Melbourne



Melbourne is a top Australian city where people from over 200 countries make up a super multicultural urban landscape. This city always has something going on, from festivals, food markets, cultural celebrations and much more. 

Living here can be expensive, so for a quirky cool hipster neighbourhood, head to the Fitzroy area. You’ll find plenty of street art, vegetarian hangouts and coffee shops in this area. St Kilda is all about healthy living, where everyone jogs and eats in good restaurants. Melbourne has been listed as one of the most liveable cities, so if you have a busy lifestyle and need plenty of things to do, will Melbourne be the city for you?


Lit up skyscrapers of Brisbane, Australia at night time.



Brisbane has a lot more to it than what first meets the eye of a big city. There is a lot of culture here, including beautiful botanical gardens and weekend farmers' markets where you can hand-pick your own fresh organic produce. 

If Brisbane sounds good to you, then you look into living in New Farm. This suburb is all about its parks, nightlife and historic buildings. Whereas Spring Hill is an inner suburb, featuring more parks and clusters of Victorian buildings for a decidedly picturesque place to base yourself in Brisbane. 

You will be sure to find somewhere to place yourself in this city depending on your requirements. This city hosts a lot of music venues, so is great for catching lots of live performances. Similar to other Australian cities, Brisbane is big on a healthy lifestyle. 


un setting over the sea on a beach on the Gold Coast


Gold Coast

If you are looking to be just outside of a city, the Gold Coast lies south of Brisbane. This is famous for being a popular beach resort, especially with surfers! 

Due to its popularity, the Gold Coast can be more on the expensive side. Living in Southport is a lot more affordable. It is still close to the town but has numerous quieter areas. Mermaid Beach is another option also perfect for beach lovers. There are many attractions here, including amusement parks and National Parks. This area is known for its large influx of tourists. Again, a whole world of amazing dining options including street food. 


View down a street towards a sandy beach of Adelaide



Adelaide is full of old and new architecture, which can be found around the city and is very interesting! An area which is great for living is bohemian Brompton. This area is great for dining and bar options and is known for vintage shops while still being close to the city centre. For somewhere near the beach, head to Brighton or Glenelg in the west of Adelaide. Rich in history and sport, particularly cricket with the Adelaide Oval. While being a quieter city, it would be great for families. 


Green trees down to the beach and water’s edge in Wollongong, Australia



Wollongong is about a 90-minute car journey from Sydney and life here is all about the beach. You will find plenty of activities to partake in here from checking out rockpools, cliff walks and plenty of other natural distractions. If you like surfing, or just staring at the sea, this is the place for you.

Wollongong is one of the more expensive cities to live in, being a small town with lots of beauty to offer. The inner suburb of Mount Pleasant is a lovely place to base yourself, here you’ll find plenty of malls and cafes. In the north, Woonona is another good option for you to choose. It’s also right near the beach, with plenty of eateries to sample. 


Once you have confirmed your visa and found your new home location, let us help you get there. Hopefully, the move works out - however, if it doesn’t, we can boomerang you right back safely. Get a quote today from our International Sales team.