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Can I Run A Business From A Storage Unit?

07 Sep 2022

Can I Run A Business From A Storage Unit?
Whatever business you are running, be it providing a service or a product, as it grows you will likely be in need of additional space to run your enterprise.

So many businesses have humble beginnings,  often starting in garages or even spare bedrooms. Your business will outgrow these spaces, and stretching out to a storage unit could be exactly what you need. 

But how do you run a business from a storage unit? What businesses can operate in a storage unit? What are the benefits?  In our recent article, we’re covering everything you need to know about running a business from your storage unit.

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Can I run a business from a storage unit?

It is not permitted to run a complete business in a storage unit due to complications surrounding insurance. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a storage unit to help with your current processes. Renting a business storage unit is far cheaper than renting an office, which can prove costly. Hiring a good-sized unit will massively relieve stress on space, which these days come at a premium. 


Corridor of white storage units

What business can I run from a storage unit?

 Storage units provide additional space that suits pretty much any requirement. Here are some common businesses that can benefit from a storage unit. 



This may come as no surprise, but sellers can benefit greatly from the additional space of a storage unit. If you purchase items in bulk and then sell them on third-party sites such as eBay or Depop, having extra storage room to house the products is a must.



If you own a renovation company or do a bit of work yourself, having a storage unit can serve as a real benefit. Instead of using your garage, keep your business separate at a storage unit, where you can house any refurbished items before they go on sale.



You can use a storage unit to keep all paintings and sculptures that you create, ahead of selling them to a gallery or taking them to auction.



A photographer's collection of equipment can be extensive, with many items being big and bulky. Keeping any props or lighting kits in a storage unit will maximise the space in your home. You could even consider turning your storage unit into a photography studio if you have the necessary tools and permission.



Books, magazines and posters all consume a lot of space. Simply add some racks into your storage unit and there you have accessible room for storing all of your print media. 


White storage unit with cardboard boxes stacked up inside

The benefits of running a business from a storage unit
  • Flexibility - storage units are flexible, meaning that you can change the duration of stay or size of the unit whenever you need to.
  • No overhead costs - when you rent a storage unit, you will not pay any overhead costs such as utility bills. This is because you are only paying for the space you actually use. 
  • Creates healthy work-life balance - if you currently run your business from home, you will likely be aware of how work life can slowly seep into home life. Having stock consume your home is also unhealthy and can create a mess. Having a storage unit will help keep a clear divide.

At Bishops Move, we provide secure business storage solutions across the UK. If you are in need of some additional space, either on a long or short-term basis,  please get in touch with your local Bishop’s Move branch today.