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Travel Instagram Accounts to Inspire You

16 Sep 2022

Travel Instagram Accounts to Inspire You
Feeling fed up with being in the same area and visiting the same places?

Get inspired by these Instagram accounts showcasing what is so amazing about all the wonderful countries in the world. Which one shall you choose? Or did you already have one in mind… 

These are just a small selection of accounts that can help you feel inspired. Living abroad can be fun and full of new opportunities which can result in endless adventure. 

Whether you’re looking for a holiday home destination or considering a complete relocation abroad, take a look at these accounts to see what is on offer. Don’t forget, we have an international services division that can help you make it happen.



@thecommonwanderer Originally from Australia, Mark & Mim are award-winning responsible travel bloggers for all travellers seeking authentic, real-life experiences. Check out their website-featured blogs on Paris. Their Instagram hosts a variety of posts from their travels throughout France to invigorate your senses. . Or might their travels inspire you to somewhere else? A few of their posts have been selected and posted on @explorefrance which reposts a whole host of inspiring French pictures.


Switzerland Instagram post



@swissmyworld founded by @marknayman lets you into the world of the Swiss lifestyle. Delving into the small towns that are hidden away, to vast fields full of an abundance of wildlife. There is a lot to explore in Switzerland, it’s the perfect location for nature lovers, hikers and winter sports enthusiasts. Dive into freshwater lakes, or try sailing a boat. The country is landlocked which makes it ideal  for visiting and exploring neighbouring countries. 



@thegoldenbun is a resident of Berlin originally from South Tyrolean. Vicky’s Instagram shows life in Germany,  exploring home comforts along with a host of restaurant spots to visit. From Vicky’s Instagram, you can also find a link to her website which highlights some areas of Germany where she pinpointed some key points that have stood out to her. @germany.explores is another page that reposts many residents' and travellers' posts to showcase all the areas of Germany. 




@amazing_belgium is a Social Post of the year award winner. Their Instagram account brings you inspiration, visits and unique stays. Their profile takes you across the whole of Belgium from cities to mountains to the water's edge. Top tips of places to visit and places not to forget are there. 



@rutaideal is based in Malaga. This travelling duo and their pup tour around Spain, visiting the best beaches, towns and much more to make sure you know they exist. While they visit many other countries, Spain is the one they know the most! They have captured some beautiful moments in both image and video form to help you really imagine yourself being there. 



@_markfitz not only does he have the most amazing Instagram feed, Mark’s website hosts an endless amount of blogs on all things Aus. His blogs host information on all things travel, wildlife, and photography. As an award-winning photographer himself, you will quickly see how he fell into his love of exploring. Find out more about moving to Australia in our blog.


Instagram post from @emitoms



@emitoms Emily is a Seattle-based Instagram storyteller, and her feed displays exactly this! Hosting nature shots, sunsets and aerial images that make you want to book your flight ASAP. She also hosts a sister Instagram page which features a variety of destinations in the US but is heavily Seattle focused - @seattleinsiders. There are a host of Instagram accounts available featuring highlights on specific cities in the US, TikTok has also become a huge inspiration for videos such as ‘Top 3 places to eat in NYC’. 



@explorecanada offers a variety of content from across Canada. With insider tips and picturesque locations. Yyou will definitely feel inspired. With a following of 2 million, you can already imagine the inspiring content that @alexstrohl lets his huge following be part of. His feed is filled with adventure, dramatic snowy landscapes and many pictures of his travels by foot, ski or kayak! While he has travelled many snowy mountains, his Canadian adventures are a true highlight. 



@mydubai is the city's very own Instagram account, curating a perfect image of the diverse adventures Dubai has to offer. The Instagram account shows the experience of Dubai through both residents’ and visitors' eyes. Creating a clear image of the varied experiences you can discover, from luxurious malls to water sports adventures like snorkelling in the biggest indoor aquarium. Visiting penguins at the biggest indoor ski slope or camel rides in the desert. This account brings you the best go-to tourist attractions and the best-hidden gems from residents, not to be missed. 


Overhead shot of intricate architecture in Singapore.


@beixin has a seriously colourful Instagram. Specialising in dreamlike imagery and film, you will feel the inspiration of Singapore from what they have captured. Follow them across Singapore from beaches and cities to jungles. Highlighting the most stunning places to visit. @beixinandrobin is the newly started sister account showing the couple's latest travels and adventures.


Relocation in the UK Charlie & Jess showcase the best of the UK, including areas you probably didn’t even know existed. If you have been thinking about moving to another area in the UK, they are sure to get you feeling inspired. Revealing an array of adventures that will be available in the area you choose to end up in. 


With so many destinations to take inspiration from, be sure to absorb what you can and create your own story. Let us help you get there with professional international moving services