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Best Cities in the US to move to in 2022

14 Mar 2022

Best Cities in the US to move to in 2022

It goes without saying that the US is a large country, much larger than the UK. For Brits deciding to move to America, it can be a huge task deciding where to move within this giant mass of land. States and cities can vary hugely across a range of factors, including climate, population size, and quality of living. US cities are also hours, if not days apart from one another, meaning that your choice is a lot more definite than it might feel in smaller nations like the UK.

A choice as big as moving abroad should be carefully considered, and there is obviously no universal right answer. Different cities and states will have different benefits and drawbacks for different people. But to give you a little guidance, we’re here to deliver a guide on the best cities to live in USA 2022.


Jacksonville, Florida


Jacksonville beach and walkway in Florida, USA

With an extremely low unemployment rate (3.3% in Nov 2021, Bankrate) and a variety of large companies planting their roots in this southern city, Jacksonville is one of the best cities to work in in the USA. New housing has been developed over recent years to accommodate the growing number of residents, in addition to the diverse range of neighbourhoods to choose from downtown. This, accompanied by the low cost of living and rich natural surroundings, makes Jacksonville Florida a great city to move to in 2022.


Boulder, Colorado
Mountains around US city of Boulder, Colorado Landscapes around Boulder, Colorado


According to the list of the 150 best places to live in USA 2022 from the U.S. News & World Report, Boulder is the best place to live in America this year. This rating took into account factors like local job opportunities, quality of life, property value, and whether people wanted to live there. Nestled at the foot of the Rock Mountain foothills, this city provides excellent opportunities to get outdoors. The city also provides some excellent restaurants, facilities, and shopping opportunities.


Boise, Idaho
View of downtown Boise, a city in Idaho in the USA.


Idaho’s capital also has plenty for those that enjoy being outdoors. The mountains, desert, lakes and rivers around Boise make it an excellent place for all sorts of activities. For those that are looking for a booming city atmosphere, booming downtown Boise could fulfil all your recreational needs too! High quality of life, sun almost all year round, and exciting major employers and new startups flocking to the area, your only challenge in Boise might be the rising cost of living. With excellent nightlife and new areas being developed all the time, you could find that your favourite places to eat and shop are just waiting to be discovered.


Raleigh, North Carolina
Evening skyline of US city Raleigh in North Carolina Research facility in Raleigh, North Carolina


Another high ranking city on the U.S. News & World Report list, Raleigh is popular among younger people and pensioners alike. With the excellent local research labs and universities, young individuals looking for work and also large companies are also moving here, with even Apple announcing plans to open a location in the area. The mild climate and exciting restaurants and green spaces make this a great place for younger expats looking to move to the US for work.


Austin, Texas
Evening skyline of Austin Texas, one of the best cities to live in in the USA. People paddleboarding on the river in Austin, Texas.


There is an exciting and enthusiastic vibe in Austin that seems to be infectious. The live music capital of the world offers a range of music genres year-round and all over town, even in the airport terminal. Countless major companies have headquarters here, with many more announced to join over the past 2 years. This continues to be one of the best places to live in the USA in 2022, with high quality of life and average salary both drawing around 100 residents daily.

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