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Moving to America may seem a daunting experience at first, but with our expert international moving services, your new life over the pond awaits you.

No matter whether you are moving to Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando or any other destination in the USA, Bishop's Move is here to help and advise you so that you can plan every stage of your US removal.

Move to the USA with us


Why Move to the US?

Thousands of Britons move across the pond every single year, and it’s not difficult to see why it’s so popular for UK residents. The variety between states, and even within them, combined with the lack of cultural or language barrier means that Britons can create the life they want with ease. A country with the sheer size of the US encompasses just about every climate and environment you could want, from vibrant cities to rolling mountain ranges.

Alongside the stunning environments and climates on offer, the USA also provides one of the highest standards of living on the globe. Career opportunities are, in most cases, high for a range of skill levels and the lifestyle here is something many can only dream about. 


Red iron bridge of San Francisco in the USA.


How to move to the USA from the UK

1. Do your visa research

Despite being an incredibly popular destination for people from all over the world, the US is also a notoriously difficult country to move to. That’s why it’s critical to choose the correct entry path for your time in the states. For those hoping to move temporarily, a non-immigrant visa is necessary, but for prospective permanent residents, you’ll need an immigrant visa. What’s more, the purpose of your visit will determine the type of visa you must apply for, whether it’s for work, study, or to join your family. You can begin the application process and find out the full extent of US visa categories on the US Embassy website.

2. Consider transport in the US

One thing to think about your situation in the US will be getting around. If you are hoping to reside in one of the USA’s vibrant cities, public transport can be your best friend. However, if moving more into the countryside, you might need to decide whether you’ll be bringing your personal vehicle with you during your move. If so, additional moving steps might be on the cards.

3. Get health insurance in order

With a move as far away as the USA, you’ll want to make sure your move is covered. And as for daily life, you might already know that medical care over the pond works a little differently from what we’re used to. There is no equivalent to our NHS, so ensure you invest in health insurance that will cover any ailments or possible accidents during your time in the USA.

4. Find accommodation in the US

Similarly to the UK, accommodation can vary dramatically across the United States. You can choose to rent or purchase property, but it’s worth doing your research while in temporary accommodation to see what your options are. Exploring the options within your budget while fulfilling your geographical and personal requirements can be a challenge.

Green trees and rocky cliffs of Yosemite Valley, CA, USA.

Living in the US

The sheer size and variety of possible destinations across the United States can make it seem impossible to settle in one place. Your preference for a location can be dependent on a million things in your circumstance, such as office location, schools, or transport links. Cities can provide a more international environment, one where you’re more likely to meet those in a similar situation to you, whereas more rural places might feature some of America’s gorgeous landscapes. Not to mention, your choice of place will come with repercussions for your climate, which will vary much more than in the UK. Wherever you choose, Bishop’s Move will be there to assist you to transport your life across the globe.

Houston, Texas

As the fourth most populous city in the country, you’ll be moving to one of the most social cities in the world. Dining out and seeing a show in Houston’s infamous theatre district will keep you more than busy.

Los Angeles

LA tops wish lists across the globe, boasting sunshine, beaches, and glamorous lifestyles. Choose from an array of gorgeous neighbourhoods and exciting career opportunities.

Miami, Florida

Seeking some of that East Coast sun? Miami’s tropical climate and exciting nightlife are the pulls that many young expats feel to move to the USA.

New York City

The big apple, the city that never sleeps. New York City boasts high salaries, more people than any other city in the world, and a huge range of opportunities for entertainment or career, it’s not hard to see why NYC is an incredibly popular choice for expats.

Blue skies behind the statue of liberty in New York City.

Moving to the US with Bishop’s Move

We are one of the few UK removals and storage companies that can offer a complete 'door-to-door' relocation service to the US. Once your international removal quote has been approved and accepted by you, you can rest assured that all your requirements will be taken care of. From day one to the day you set foot on US soil, Bishop’s Move will be by your side at every stage.

On your big moving day, our experienced international team will professionally export pack and wrap your possessions for shipping and delivery in the States. For added convenience, we also offer short or long-term storage solutions both in the UK and in the US, so you can take every step at your own pace.

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