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Whether you’re moving to or from a major city or a small town, Bishop’s Move can help.

At Bishop’s Move, we have a dedicated European removals service. With a heritage of 165 years experience in the industry, our European removals experts can help you move anywhere across Europe.

Our main priority is to provide you with a seamless European removals service, including a meticulous planning stage which ensures your move is stress-free.   We make sure you are fully prepared for your European move,  with expert advice on packing services, shipping, storage and insurance as well as ensuring that all customs regulations are met.

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What are European Removal Services?

European removal services are usually provided by specialist European removal companies and need more consideration than home removals. Shipping, air freight and support with visas is often required as well as an understanding of local laws and area. It is important you look for a removal company with experience moving people internationally.

European Removals with Bishop’s Move

We have already successfully completed many removals to and from Europe with ease, across all areas of the continent, for both homes and businesses. For those belongings that aren’t essential, we also provide short or long-term storage solutions.

We offer two different types of European removals services for our customers:


Special (Dedicated Service)

Our special service is dedicated to your moving needs, allowing you to choose when your belongings are collected and delivered.

Part Load (Groupage Service)

Our part load service is the most cost-effective solution for European removals. Despite not being a dedicated service, this package still allows you a reasonable amount of flexibility around the collection and delivery of your belongings. Your belongings will be loaded onto one of our vans with other customers’ items that are being delivered to the same, or geographically close, destination as yours. Delivery is then scheduled with our European operations team to ensure it is convenient for you.