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Guide to Cost of Living in New Zealand vs UK

20 Jun 2024

Guide to Cost of Living in New Zealand vs UK
For many Britons, New Zealand represents the ultimate dream moving destination.

The stunning natural landscapes and slower pace of living attract thousands every year. In fact, it’s estimated that around 4% of the New Zealand population is made up of English expats. Moving to New Zealand offers endless opportunities for a new life, which could mean a better work-life balance, a more welcoming atmosphere, and an exciting outdoor lifestyle. 

However, choosing to move so far away from home is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many factors that make a new life abroad realistic, and one big one to consider is the cost of living. While you should do your own research based on your specific circumstances, we have put together a comparison of what living in New Zealand vs the UK could cost you. For the most part, we have taken prices from the capital cities as the most comparable.

Salaries in New Zealand vs the UK

You might be moving to a new destination for a new career. In this case, it’s worth noting that there are considerable differences in salary between these two nations. In simple English, salaries in New Zealand are typically higher than in the United Kingdom. It is estimated that a Kiwi salary is around double that of the UK, with the averages being $97,300 (£50,970.12) and £25,971 respectively.

Housing Costs 

Accommodation is an incredibly important cost factor when you are considering where to move. As in the UK, prices will vary depending on the exact location in New Zealand and how close to the city centre you are living. Below is a breakdown of the average prices in the capitals of each destination. 





Monthly Rent 1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre



Monthly Rent 1 Bedroom Apartment outside of City Centre




While renting is considerably cheaper in Auckland than in London, it’s worth noting that purchasing a property in New Zealand is an expensive thing to do. The average cost of a property in New Zealand is the equivalent of £376,000, while in the UK the figure sits at around £285,000. 


Selection of fine art on a wall

Cost of Groceries NZ vs UK

While this isn’t a large upfront cost, the cost of groceries is something to consider as part of your daily expenses. Again, this will depend on your lifestyle in the UK and New Zealand, but here is a breakdown of the average prices of common purchases in both destinations. In general, groceries are typically more expensive in New Zealand than in the United Kingdom.





1 Litre Milk



Loaf of White Bread



1 Dozen Eggs



1kg Potatoes



Bottle of Wine




Transport Expenses

Getting around is an incredibly important part of life, no matter where you choose to settle. Public transport will vary depending on your exact location. For example, the availability of trains and tubes in London is higher, likely better quality, and better connected than if you were to live somewhere more rural. What’s more, driving is a common way of getting around in both countries, so you may need to consider this as an option when comparing living costs in the UK and New Zealand. Below is an average breakdown of some common transport costs.





1-Way Ticket on Local Transport



Monthly Transport Pass



Taxi Start Price



1 Litre of Petrol




Healthcare in New Zealand vs the UK

Both New Zealand and the UK have healthcare systems in place that are funded (mainly) by the population’s taxes. A reciprocal agreement is in place that means Britons staying in New Zealand for a short period can utilise the free healthcare system as they would use the NHS. Private healthcare options are available for additional costs in both countries, the price of which will depend on your age, medical conditions, and more.

That being said, there are some costs in both destinations that are not absorbed by the governing bodies, including prescriptions. In the UK, if you are not eligible for free prescriptions, you will pay around £9.65 for medications, whereas in New Zealand this is around 5 New Zealand Dollars, or £2.41.


Green landscape in New Zealand

Leisure Activities & Entertainment

While there isn’t a huge disparity, it’s estimated that the cost of leisure and entertainment activities is higher in London than it is in Auckland. London is a notoriously expensive city, however, so this should be considered if you are not currently living in the capital. Comparisons could vary more dramatically, for example, if you’re moving from rural England to the capital of New Zealand. Here are a few examples of costs when it comes to comparing entertainment costs between these two countries.





Monthly Gym Membership



1 Hour Tennis Court Hire



1 Cinema Ticket




If you need more advice before deciding whether to relocate or are even considering moving back to the UK from NZ, then our blog is a great source of information. Get in touch today to start your moving process with a free moving survey.

*All prices are approx. as of June 2024.