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Whether your destination is Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, or any other point in the country, a move to New Zealand can leave you with lots of questions.

Choosing New Zealand as your new home is an exciting prospect, but moving to the other side of the world can be challenging. That’s where Bishop’s Move can help - our experienced team is brimming with local knowledge from health care to work-life balance.

Moving to New Zealand?


Why Move to New Zealand?

New Zealand is undeniably a breathtaking country, graced with awe-inspiring landscapes that have also found their way onto the silver screen in iconic films such as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia. From majestic mountains to pristine aqua lakes, New Zealand offers a diverse range of natural wonders, catering to enthusiasts of countless outdoor pursuits. Yet, its appeal extends beyond the geographical beauty.

New Zealand secures the 2nd global ranking for work-life balance. The Kiwis are known for their genuine and welcoming nature, creating an atmosphere that is particularly inviting to internationals seeking a new home. Not only that, but New Zealand's current demand for skilled professionals in sectors such as engineering, finance, education, and healthcare is promising for career prospects within its borders.

The weather in New Zealand can vary widely, from subtropical in the summer in the north down to -10ºC in the winter on the southernmost island. The seasons are opposite to those in the UK, with the hottest months being January and February, and the coldest being July. In summer, the average temperature ranges between 20-30ºC (70-90°F) whilst in winter it can be between 10-15ºC (50-60°F).

New Zealand sheep looking at the camera with a valley and ocean behind

Culture in New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for being a friendly, welcoming place to move to. With a long, rich history, the culture in New Zealand is a blend of Oceanian, Polynesian, and European traditions that come together to form its modern life.

Referred to as Kiwis, New Zealanders are viewed as kind, outgoing, and laid-back people. This foundation in its people underpins the way of life, making it distinct from busy European cities. When moving to New Zealand from the UK, you’ll quickly find that life becomes more relaxed.

With so much breathtaking beauty, life in New Zealand involves the great outdoors, with many sports and activities taking place outside. From the water to the mountains, you’ll find plenty to keep yourself and your family occupied.

Healthcare in New Zealand

New Zealand benefits from a healthcare system which is paid for by taxes. It is available to all residents. Thanks to an agreement between both the UK and New Zealand, Brits staying temporarily in New Zealand, are entitled to the same treatment. This means that heading to the doctor will be free or heavily subsidised. To be eligible, make sure you complete all relevant forms.

Working in New Zealand

If you're looking for a better work-life balance, then New Zealand is an excellent option for you. The economy is healthy, meaning that the job market offers a good amount of opportunities. Whether you have a job offer already or are looking to relocate to find one, working here may be a great lifestyle option.

New Zealand is often looking for skilled foreign workers to help with any staffing shortages. To check if your profession is required, check out the skills shortage list.

Living in New Zealand

New Zealand consists of two main islands, the North and the South, both with awesome scenery, from jaw-dropping mountains to stunning beaches. The North Island is dominated by a Volcanic Plateau, whilst the Southern Alps form the "backbone" of the South Island. Due to its volcanic history, there are geothermal areas and hot springs, as well as fertile farmland, sandy (slightly wild) beaches and "sunken" mountains, such as the Marlborough Sounds. With a country this spread out, choosing where you would like to live can be a challenge.

Here are some of the most popular areas in the country for expats to move to.

Auckland city Skyline at sunrise


The largest city in New Zealand is found on the North Island and is the perfect mix of nature and city. With two harbours, one facing the Pacific and the other the Tasman Sea, you feel as though this metropolis is located at the end of the world. Here you can find a wide variety of expats and cultures living and working together. Being a hub of commercial activity, in Auckland you have the chance to earn the highest salaries in the country.


New Zealand's capital is a paradise for adventure lovers. Surrounded by ocean and mountains, expats choosing to move here enjoy the lifestyle on offer. Wellington has plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy, yet still holds that friendly and safe New Zealand feel.


Located on the South Island, this city is building itself up after an earthquake in 2011. The result of this rebuild? A thriving job market, unique food culture, and a low cost of living. With New Zealand's other large cities getting more expensive, Christchurch is quickly becoming an attractive alternative.

Aerial view of Opihi River, New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand with Bishop's Move

With over 165 years of experience, we understand that uprooting your life and transitioning to a new country can be a daunting endeavour, especially when the destination is as far as New Zealand. That's where Bishop's Move comes in – we're a trusted New Zealand removals company that specialises in handling all aspects of your move. Speak to our team today to get started.