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German Citizens Moving to the UK: A Post-Brexit Guide

10 Jul 2024

German Citizens Moving to the UK: A Post-Brexit Guide
The UK is an exciting destination for German citizens looking to relocate.

 London’s attractive job market, and excellent road and rail connectivity that offer easy access to the picturesque English countryside are only some of the attractive incentives for potential expats. With the UK's departure from the European Union, however, entry regulations for German nationals have been subject to certain changes. Our comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of the post-Brexit landscape to aid your move from Germany.

Please note that as a removals and storage company, Bishop’s Move cannot assist with visas or job searches. Nonetheless, our 170 years in international removals equip us to ensure a smooth transition for you.

How Does Brexit Affect German Nationals Moving to the UK? 

Following Brexit, German passport holders can visit the UK visa-free for up to six months. However, they should not undertake any paid work in the UK during this period. If you are looking to work in the UK, you will have to apply for an appropriate work visa first. Once your application has been successful, your UK employer might ask you to complete a right-to-work check, unless you are working remotely overseas. It is important to understand your work options in the UK to ensure you are not in breach of any immigration laws. 

As of 2021, 135,000 German nationals have been living in the UK, so you’re bound to feel at home after moving here.

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Legal Requirements for German Citizens Moving to the UK after Brexit

The primary legal requirement for German nationals looking to move to the UK is to remain compliant with visa regulations. Depending on the purpose of your visit and your circumstances, the visa you require will vary. You can check what visa you need on the UK government’s website, eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and more. 

  • Skilled Worker Visa - German nationals employed by a UK company with a sponsorship licence can apply for this visa if they meet the eligibility criteria. It allows you to live and work in the UK for up to 5 years.
  • Global Talent Visa - High-performing individuals across the arts and sciences are eligible for this 5-year visa which is aimed at boosting the UK economy.
  • Innovator Founder Visa - German entrepreneurs looking to establish their business in the UK will need an innovative business idea endorsed by a recognised UK body, English proficiency, and adequate funds to cover their living costs, to be eligible for this 5-year visa.
  • EU Settlement Scheme - German citizens resident in the UK before 1st January 2021 can stay here under the EUSS without having to apply for an alternate visa.

Remaining compliant with UK regulations goes beyond ensuring you have the right visa. For longer-term stays, you will need to register with the local authorities, either online or at your local council office. You should also set up a UK bank account for paying bills, rent, receiving your paychecks, etc. 

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Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure. But before you decide to relocate to England from Germany, you must factor in the relocation costs, including removals, storage, transport, rental costs, etc. You must also take into account the visa costs for all individuals travelling, including the cost of an International Health Surcharge (IHS), which will give you access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), if you need any medical assistance during your time here.

With a network of relocation partners across Europe, Bishop’s Move has been carrying out international removals for over 170 years. Whether you need export packing services or professional advice on relocation, we can help you with every aspect of your move to the UK from Germany.