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Guide to Life in Switzerland vs the UK

13 Jun 2024

Guide to Life in Switzerland vs the UK
When you’re thinking about relocating abroad, it’s important to consider the impact on your life as a whole.

While the change can be incredibly exciting, comparing all areas of life before taking the first steps is crucial. To help you make that all-important decision to move to Switzerland, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you decide whether Switzerland is a good place for you and your family.

Quality of Life

The quality of your life can depend on a variety of factors, but overall Switzerland is judged very highly on quality of life. While the UK and Switzerland both score very highly on the Quality of Life Index, Switzerland sits at 204.68 compared to the UK’s 169.22. This is calculated based on safety, cost of living, healthcare, and more. So on the official scores, both countries are stellar places to live, but Switzerland sits a fraction higher, particularly in the safety category.

Mountain range and remote village in Switzerland

Cost of Living

Boasting such a fantastic quality of life, life in Switzerland also comes with a fairly large price tag. While the cities are clean and transport services are excellent, the amount of your monthly income that is taxed might come as a shock when moving from the UK. You’ll likely find that rent will cost you similarly to that of the capital city of England, so if you’re accustomed to London accommodation prices Switzerland may not be that large of a shock. However, everyday items like groceries and eating out at restaurants may surprise you when moving from the UK. 

This is all dependent, of course, on where you are planning to move to in Switzerland. It’s also worth mentioning that if you are planning to change where you live and work, then your new salary might compensate for this higher cost of living. 

Education & Healthcare

When comparing healthcare in Switzerland and the UK, Switzerland is renowned for its quality and affordable offerings. With a universal healthcare system in place, the government ensures that insurance policies are also affordable, meaning citizens can take full advantage of their quality medical services. It’s worth mentioning that there could be costs involved for Brits moving to Switzerland, which could be a surprise for many who are used to the coverage under the NHS.

In addition to its reputation for healthcare, quality education is another one of Switzerland’s accolades. Private schooling and higher education can be expensive in both countries while both nations boast good financial support systems. 

Lifestyle & Culture

How you spend your time is unique to you and your family, so this is an area dictated by your preference. Those living in Switzerland are no strangers to the outdoors, with many Swiss nationals living very active lifestyles. The stunning natural landscapes provide an ideal backdrop for hiking, cycling, skiing, and more. While this isn’t a necessity after your move, it could make all the difference if you’re looking for more of an exciting pastime.

Sun over Lake Thun in Switzerland


In terms of culture, language can always be a barrier to expats. While there are a myriad of national languages that aren’t English, you’ll find that most people in Swiss cities are fluent to a very high degree, so communication in large population centres should pose no issues for Britons. And should you find that it’s ever time to move back to the UK from Switzerland, we can be there for you at every step.

Expat Community

For the same reasons you’re interested in relocating, Switzerland is an incredibly popular expat destination. People from all over the world flock to enjoy the stunning ease of life and natural beauty that this small country boasts. Having people around you to answer questions or ease homesickness can make all the difference, helping make any length of stay in another country easier. So if you’re looking for a community to support your acclimatisation into life abroad, Switzerland is a great option. 

Switzerland is a popular destination for UK citizens, so it’s no wonder so many people are making the move. Whether you’re in the planning stages or ready to pack, Bishop’s Move’s array of international moving services is on hand to help. Contact us today for a free moving quote for your bespoke moving package.