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5 Office Design Tips for Creative Businesses

25 Apr 2017

5 Office Design Tips for Creative Businesses

A well-designed office takes time and can often be more expensive to implement in the first place. But there are plenty of benefits and reasons why you should spend the time and put the effort into designing a creative office space. By making sure that you have a good office design, you can actually improve the productivity and mentality of your staff. However, designing a creative office space can be a daunting task and it can be difficult knowing where to start. We provide you with 5 office design tips that can help you to design a creative office space for your business.

Open Plan

If you have a lot of divisions in your office with separate rooms and offices, then this can prevent creativity in your office environment. This can also be the case if you have cubicles in your office with employees closed off from one another, as it is more difficult to communicate. By creating an open plan office you can help to encourage creativity and communication between your employees. If it isn’t possible to have a completely open plan office then you should at least make sure you leave doors to other offices and rooms open to provide the impression that you are approachable.

Communal Spaces

Making sure that you have plenty of communal spaces for your employees is also important in building a creative environment. By providing plenty of communal spaces and break-out seating areas for your employees, you are making sure they have somewhere to relax during breaks. It can also help creativity to flow if you are not sat at your desk the whole day and have space to sit somewhere else and come up with new ideas. It can even help to suggest that people brainstorm in communal spaces and only go back to their desk to do the actual work.

Natural Light

One of the biggest factors in improving the morale and creativity in your office is making sure that you are getting as much natural light as possible. A lack of natural light can have a negative impact on your workforce and see a lack of creativity in your staff. Although it is not always something that you can change, it is important to design your office in a way that maximises natural light in the office. Place desks close to windows where possible and don’t obstruct light from reaching the rest of the room.

Create a Brand

An important part of creating a good working environment is making sure that you create a clear brand in your workplace. This can be just as important as branding your stationary as it gives your employees a real sense of belonging. If you don’t incorporate your branding in the office environment through colour schemes or other ways, then your employees won’t have the same sense of belonging as they might otherwise. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your office but just by changing the colours and adding a few select pieces of furniture, you can really improve your office environment.

Make it Spacious

There is nothing worse than working in an office space that is too cramped. Making sure that people have space at their desk is important but you should also make sure that there is enough space around the office so that your employees are not feeling claustrophobic and closed in. Create a spacious working environment by placing things like the printer out of the way so that it isn’t in the middle of someone's working space. You should also space things out so that you don’t have people crowding one area of the office.

If you can’t manage to put these changes in place then one of your main problems might be the fact that your business has outgrown its current office space. If you are considering moving to a new office space then don’t let the hassle and stress of it all put you off. Bishop’s Move has a great deal of experience in business removals and can provide the perfect solution to meet your needs.