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How to Build a Network in a New Country

25 Apr 2017

How to Build a Network in a New Country
Moving to a new country will present a huge change and require a lot of effort to get it right, but can also provide a lot of opportunities.

With a huge range of new businesses and industries starting, there are lots of opportunities to grow your own business. An international move can prove attractive for a number of businesses as it provides a range of new opportunities. With differing tax rates, changes in laws and larger markets, there is a whole host of reasons for moving your business internationally. But you will likely have built a large network for your business at home and are concerned that you will not be able to build the same when you move. Our guide provides you with some advice on how you can build a network in a new country.

Research the Culture

One of the first things that you will have to do before moving to a new country is to research the culture and make sure you are aware of any traditions. This is important as many cultures around the world have strict traditions where it is frowned upon if you don’t adhere to them. Many businesses will actually refuse to trade or work with you if you don’t comply with these traditions which could be damaging. China is a country that has a number of traditions unusual to the western world, such as refusing a gift a number of times before accepting it. Making sure you know of these traditions is important before making the move.

Find Other Local Businesses

You should seek out other local businesses in the area that you could potentially trade or work with to let them know you will be moving there. By reaching out to other businesses in the area you can find some valuable connections and start to build relationships before you arrive. Even if you can’t work with a business at that time it can still be good to reach out to them as you may have similar needs and they can provide tips. You can find other local businesses by researching before you arrive on channels such as Google Maps or other social media networks.

Visit the Local Chamber of Commerce

Many cities will have a local chamber of commerce of some sort and welcome new businesses to meetings and discussions. This is the perfect way to find business contacts as many small local businesses will attend these meeting for the same purpose. If you can’t find a local chamber of commerce then there might be other business events and meetings in the local area that you can make the most of. You can often find information about these events on social networks with groups and pages on Facebook. It is worth noting that Facebook and Twitter are not the largest social platforms in some Asian countries and elsewhere in the world, so find out what is.

Get Involved with Local Organisations

Another good idea when moving to a new country is to get involved with local organisations or charities.This is something that you might already be doing at home so it makes sense to seek out charities in other countries to contribute to. Not only will you be making connections with other organisations but you will also be doing something good at the same time. It is worth doing some research and outreach here again to see if local charities are looking for new partners. Even if you simply look to help at volunteer events, this can have a huge impact in the local area and also help you to start building your brand.

Be Patient

It’s important to remember that building a strong business network will take you time and is not done overnight. You will have no doubt gone through this period before when you started your business so you can do it again. Your attitude and approach to the subject can make a massive difference in how much success you have.

Moving business can be a daunting task but it is one that is manageable. As long as you put the right planning in place, you can move your organisation to another country with ease. If you are looking for a removal firm to help with your move, Bishop’s Move has a great deal of experience with international moves. Make sure you get in touch with us today.