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Here at Bishop's Move, we provide an expert removals service across the UK, with over 20 branches spread over the United Kingdom.

With our experience going back over 165 years in the removals industry, Our Scottish branch is enthusiastic about providing a high standard of business removals across Edinburgh and nearby Glasgow, Perth, and Falkirk.

So if you are looking for a professional and trustworthy removals company then, Bishop’ Move Edinburgh is the place for you.

Why Choose Bishop's Move Edinburgh?

Edinburgh has a population of over 750,000 people and as the capital city of Scotland offers plenty  for businesses to locate to. So if you are in need of a business relocation company, then Bishop’s Move Edinburgh is perfect for you. 

We aim to fulfil your requirements and desires, therefore we will go through the process and produce a modified business removal strategy in order to meet your needs as best as we can. Therefore this means that you are able to browse through the different services that we offer and select the ones that are perfect for you. Whether you are planning to make a move within Edinburgh, or whether you are moving across Scotland, Bishop’s Move Edinburgh are able to provide you with everything you need to ensure your removal is as stress-free as possible.

In order for us to have a greater chance to fulfill each and every need you may have, as a customer, we provide additional services as well as business removals. These may include; 

  • Office removals
  • Crate hire
  • Porterage services
  • Secure Storage - for surplus stock, unwanted equipment or furniture
  • IT Decommission and Recommission 
  • Weekend and night moves to reduce possible interruption

How Will Bishop's Move Help Me?

Here at Bishop’s Move Edinburgh we pride ourselves on the brilliant customer service we are able to provide as a company, along with the excellent industry knowledge that we have been able to acquire over the 165 years of service. We then use these factors as a way to construct an excellent bespoke strategy for you and your removal. This way it means we can plan exactly what we will need to do and how we can achieve it.  So regardless of any constraints, you may be working with such as your budget or the time you have to complete the move; we will do our best to ensure that our tailored plan covers everything enabling us to fulfil your exact needs. With this plan we create we ensure that nothing is missed and any challenges we may come across in the process are then promptly overcome.

If you are in need of a brilliant and professional business relocation company within Edinburgh or Scotland for that matter, then give us a call on 03300 585100 or