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Top Home Décor Trends for 2019

10 Sep 2019

Top Home Décor Trends for 2019

Half of 2019 is already gone, but that doesn’t mean that fashion hasn’t moved on. What have been the home décor trends so far this year? What are we expecting to see in the upcoming seasons? Use these trends for inspiration, maybe revamp how parts of your house look, and move some stuff out (or in)!


This has been expressed in two major ways this past year, with naturalistic stone as one, and botanical prints as the other. They are both aimed at inviting more of nature indoors, sort of a follow on from the succulent trend of recent years.

-          Leafy patterns

This again falls into two distinct styles, one as a lower-saturated exotic plant print, the other as a more traditional floral print. For the first, palm prints are common and can be used in wallpapers or fabrics around the room. The key colours are leafy green, soft pink and soft yellows. For the second, bolder colours are more in fashion and tend to be more playful than older styles, changing up shape and size.

-          Stone

Organic materials are being brought indoors, replacing the techy shiny look that used to dominate. Concrete and other stones are being used around the house to make it feel more organic and peaceful. Wood and leather are good complimenting materials, alongside brass and pewter.


The biophilia above seems like the natural progression from the Nordic styles that have been dominating décor trends for a while, but it hasn’t pushed out this style entirely. It has evolved, however, updated for a layered and textured look.

Complete minimalism has fallen out of style, but this style maintains the space and elegance it was known for. The key features are the layers that it incorporates, incorporating different textures for interest but so it doesn’t also overwhelm. Natural materials are still a major focus, like wool, wicker and lighter woods. Pale and neutral colours are also still the focus, but with hints of burnished darker accents.


Hand in hand with the Scandinavian look and balancing the floral prints is to incorporate geometric patterns. They’ve been in fashion for a while and don’t look to be falling out of favour anytime soon, even as they have moved to a bolder look than the sleek and minimal style it used to be. Colours and oversized patterns are becoming more common and can make a very bold statement.

Geometry tends to be featured in accessories around the room, such as wall displays or couch throws. However, the colour and shape are now very much up for your desire and choice.


Speaking of throws, something that has become more popular this year has been rugs featured around the house. They come in a variety of patterns and colours, from Aztec rugs to brightly coloured shapes, and can feature in any room. For some people, they’ve even been making an appearance in the kitchen.


However, most of these rugs match best with lighter coloured flooring, which is also making a comeback. Light flooring creates an airy and natural look to any room, and woods like birch or light oak are often used. When polished, they can also turn a room into something incredibly luxurious and raises your mood at the same time.


Back to major styles, glamour is still in fashion, though it has become more mature than its ‘millennial pink’ look. The colours and metallics have become less saturated, with the pink becoming dusty and warmer, metals have become matte, and shiny glass has become smoky.

Velvet, marble and brass are often used for images of luxury and comfort, with velvet becoming surprisingly popular. Soft pinks and warmer colours are used to accentuate neutral rooms for an invitation of nature into an elegant space.


Whilst all forms of mid-century looks are coming back into fashion, the main one that has been emerging has been mid-century Italian. This look ranges from teak and sleek lines to curved furniture and bold colours.

Mix it with the above styles, such as timber furniture and yellow floral pillows, and create a statement in any room. Don’t be afraid of it looking too much, as maximalism is also very much in again.


Minimalism used to rule, with the attitude to throw everything out that you don’t immediately need. However, this takes a lot of effort and can greatly depersonalise a space, so, like Marie Kondo said, you should hold onto all the things that you love and that ‘spark joy’ and then your space should evoke those same emotions.

This can go exceptionally well with any of the styles above, where tastefully mixing and matching layers, colours, textures and shapes is very popular.