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Introducing an alternative to crate-based office relocations

20 Aug 2019

Introducing an alternative to crate-based office relocations

Our Business Relocation Division have been moving offices and employees successfully for over 165 years now. It’s that experience that keeps Bishop’s Move at the forefront of our industry and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the customer journey and experience.

Having noticed that many organisation have moved towards Agile working and the use of office lockers, Bishop’s Move have introduced the “Bishop’s Locker Bags” as an alternative or to supplement the traditional crate-based move.

These large yellow sealable bags have been designed for use specifically to support office moves for employees to fill with all their personal desk or locker contents. Once labelled, the sealed bags are transported via roll cages or trolleys. On arrival at their destination the bags can then be delivered directly into the lockers or to desks and once emptied they are collected by the Bishop’s Move teams during the post move support and will be re-used on further moves.

Stuart Philp, Bishop’s Move’s Business Relocation Director comments: “Most companies that we move require that employees pack up their own office, including desk and personal items. We created these innovative bags to help employees prepare for the move as well as providing them with the peace of mind that their personal items will be delivered safe and secure to the new office.”

The distinctive yellow branded Bishop’s Bags measure 500mm wide by 600mm in length. Large and durable the bags will hold most items and without tearing. Whilst plastic, they have both re-usable and recyclable, plus they offer several advantages to the traditional crate-based move as they easily delivered in preparation, reduced crate hire costs, reduced health and safety risks from moving heavy crates, reduces labour and transport costs, promotes staff taking home personal effects and reduces or eliminates extended crate hire costs.

Of course, if you do still need or prefer the traditional crate-based move, Bishop's Move are still one of the few companies in the UK to offer a full barcoded crate tracking method as part of our move services. 

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