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10 Questions to Ask Your Movers

05 Jun 2023

10 Questions to Ask Your Movers

Trusting a removal company with all your personal belongings can be daunting, especially if you are moving home with some of your most irreplaceable items. Letting people into your home requires a huge amount of trust in a company and its staff. That’s why it’s essential to do your research and make sure your removal company knows its stuff before moving day. This also involves preparing the right questions to ask your movers. You don’t want to be left high and dry, or worst of all, trust the wrong people. 

What to Ask Your Movers?

To ensure you know exactly what kind of service is provided by your moving company, you need to ask the right questions. As experts in crafting home moves, we've created a guide to 10 essential questions to ask your movers. Asking these questions can give you peace of mind and can make the difference between a removal running smoothly or becoming a headache.

1. How do you conduct a home removal survey? 

Many removal companies will conduct a moving survey before providing a quote for your home. This means they assess the move, distance, and exact services you will benefit from. When considering a removal company, it's worth asking for further details and clarity regarding how they conduct the survey and what factors affect it. For example, you’ll want to know if the moving survey will cost you anything, or whether the removal quote comes with any terms or conditions not immediately obvious.

2. Are there any items that you don't transport? 

The removal company you're looking to hire may not handle or transport certain items. Knowing which of your belongings fall into this category is vital - you wouldn’t want a moving crew to be stunned by that grand piano come moving day. By asking if there are certain items they will be unable to help with before the day of your move you can avoid delays, changes to your plans, or any unexpected costs. You can rest assured that Bishop’s Move has experts in moving all kinds of fragile and antique items as part of your moving package. 

3. What insurance packages do you offer?

Insurance is often overlooked when choosing a removal company. However, it is very important to know what packages they offer to protect you from the unexpected. The removal company's insurance offering will affect the accidents, damage, or delays that are covered. Ask your removal company for details on their insurance policy and a clear list of what is and isn't covered. Be aware that insurance policies can also differ between home and business removals.

Bishop’s Move handling packaged items into a removal van.

4. Do you partner with a storage company? 

Some removal companies work in partnership with other storage companies or offer their own. This can be helpful for customers, especially if you need to store your items between moves or if there are any unforeseen delays with the destination of your belongings. Bishop’s Move offers bespoke storage solutions as well as self-storage at our secure warehouses across the UK. This can be incorporated into any business or home relocation.

5. Will I have a dedicated point of contact throughout the moving process? 

Having a dedicated point of contact is one of the most important questions you could ask a mover. It can give you peace of mind knowing that you can contact an agent who will provide updates and address any questions during the removal. If you're worried about moving your items or the process itself, then ask your removal company if they provide a point of contact early on, as it could be invaluable during the moving process.

6. Do you provide a written contract or agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the move? 

Asking your removal company for a written contract or agreement detailing the services, the price, and the terms and conditions is important. The written agreement is helpful before the removal begins, as it ensures both you and the company are on the same page and avoids any hiccups during the move.

7. What is your pricing structure?

When looking for a removal company, you don't want to be faced with any unpleasant surprises on the invoice. Make sure you ask about the pricing structure and any additional fees before making your decision. By asking these questions, you can be sure that the services you've requested are within your budget and expectations.

8. Will my belongings be transported directly to the new location, or will there be any transfers or storage involved? 

Whether it's a local or international removal, you may find that your belongings may not have a direct and continuous journey from start to finish. By asking about any transfers or handling before the removal date, you'll be aware of any potential delays or costs involved in the process. This can avoid panic when some items take longer than expected and save storage costs in the long run.

9. What packing services do you offer for packaging belongings before a move? 

If you need assistance with packing or sourcing packing materials, your removal company may be able to solve this problem for you. Enquire about the services they offer for packing and also whether the materials are provided - this could save you valuable time during your move, which you can spend on other tasks that require your immediate attention. 

Bishop’s Move offers a specialist packing service, conducted by our highly trained and professional team. They are able to pack and unpack as much as you need or want, as well as help you settle in should you need it.

Bishop’s Move professional packing books into boxes

10. What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy? Are there any associated fees?

Sometimes, delays happen during home or office moves, whether due to renovation work, delayed contracts, or other unforeseen circumstances. Being aware of and prepared for following the cancellation and rescheduling policy will help you if any of these events occur. 

Knowing which moving company to pick for your relocation can be tricky. Without knowing what to look out for, they can seem the same. This is why we have covered the top 10 questions to ask your movers to help you make the right choice. 

At Bishop’s Move, we will take care of you and your belongings at every step of the way. A friendly member of our moving team can even remotely assess all your home move requirements via a free video survey before crafting the perfect moving package for you and your family. Get in touch today.