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10 Space-Saving Hacks for Small Homes

26 Jun 2023

10 Space-Saving Hacks for Small Homes
There is no battle quite like storage, especially when living in a small home.

Small-space living necessitates hacks and careful planning. Furniture with embedded storage becomes crucial while maximising vertical space becomes essential. Every inch of free space is an opportunity to discover another place to store. To save you time and energy planning out what space to utilise next, we’ve compiled the 10 best hacks and ideas for storage in your small home


1. Staircase Storage Hacks

Drawers pulled out from under wooden stairs for a space-saving storage hack

Not every home has a staircase, but those who have one can use it to their advantage. The space staircases take up doesn't have to be wasted. Installing cupboards and drawers under the staircase can give you extra space for coats and shoes, kitchenware, and even that extra set of bedding. You can also turn the steps into lift-up storage containers. These space-saving storage ideas may take some extra work but are ideal for small homes.


2. Lift-Up Storage Beds


Blue suitcase stored under a blue lift-top bed frame with the top up


If you've got bulky or long items that won't fit into cupboards or wardrobes, try a bed with lift-up storage. The space that these beds provide is large but also unobstructed, meaning you can keep everything from small items to sporting equipment. Best of all, they are all kept out of sight.


3. Coffee Table Solutions


Dark wooden coffee table with two drawers and two white bottle vases

There are a few options when it comes to space-saving ideas for coffee tables, depending on your style, what you want to store, and whether you want open or closed storage. For closed storage, you can choose a trunk or a coffee table with drawers. For open storage, try a two-shelf coffee table. This way, you can keep the surface free while items are kept underneath and easily within reach.


4. High-Up Shelves

Hands reaching for a book off of a high-up shelf

Shelves are a no-brainer when looking for storage solutions in your home. When you're trying to save space in a small home, too many shelves can close off a space. One of the top tricks to adding shelving is to install them high up, even at a book's height from the ceiling. Having them positioned so high up also gives the appearance of a higher ceiling and more space. For more, follow these interior design accounts on Instagram


5. Behind-the-Door Storage


Three multi-colour masks on hooks on the back of a door.

There are so many options for behind-the-door storage; it doesn't just have to be coat racks.  Homes have many more doors to consider, including shower doors, kitchen cupboards, and wardrobe doors. Adding hooks to the inside of wardrobe doors makes it a perfect place to store accessories like belts and bags. Shelves behind cupboard doors could provide a handy spice rack.


6. Under-Cabinet Drawers


Orange pull-out secret under oven draw with a pan inside.

Kitchens are often the spaces that require the most storage hacks. To create more space, install drawers underneath the cupboards. These drawers can be concealed, which makes them great for hiding certain objects while also being handy.


7. Space-Saving Trolley Storage 


Black 3-level trolley with kitchen towels hanging from them with wooden cabinets behind.

Trolleys are a small homeowner’s dream. They tick all the boxes for small space living: utilise vertical space, are multi-functional and manoeuvrable. Their functions are endless from being a bedside table, extra produce storage, drinks trolley all the way to bathroom products and towels holders. Having a trolley in your small home will hack your storage issues. 


8. Vertical Coat Rack


If you don't have a long wall space to install coat hooks, that doesn't mean you can't have a coat rack. Save floor and wall space by installing a vertical coat rack. A vertical coat rack can be screwed directly into the wall anywhere that is convenient.

9. Slide-Out Pantry

Orange slide-out pantry with two empty shelves

A slide-out pantry can save a significant amount of space in your kitchen. These pantries can be installed next to your oven or cupboard unit and run the whole length from floor to ceiling. With a generous depth, you can store jars, tins, and spices standing up, making them easy to locate when cooking.


10. Corner Shelves


Corner shelves are great for rooms or spaces that don't have the capacity or structure for full-length shelves. They can be small and easily installed, providing storage for special items or even essentials like sunglasses. In small entryways, adding a corner shelf can be a space-saving solution for organising keys and spare change.

These storage hacks offer more options in your home. However, finding additional space can still be challenging at times. That's where Bishop's Move self-storage solutions come in, helping you declutter, facilitating moving home, or providing that much-needed extra space at home.