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Tips For Moving In And Around London

25 Mar 2022

Tips For Moving In And Around London
Every year, thousands of people from across the globe decide to move to London, and there’s no wonder why.

The city is diverse, bold and exciting, and with a strong economy, new career development opportunities are abundant for individuals of all skills. Moving to a city as big as London can feel overwhelming and the moving process can seem daunting. To alleviate some of your worries, we’ve put together a useful guide on tips for moving in and around London.

1. Arranging somewhere to stay

If you’re moving to London, whether that be from a small English town or a completely different country, it’s important to arrange somewhere to stay throughout your home search. Staying in a hotel room in the city will burn through your savings so if you have family or friends already residing there, ask if you can stay in their home for a couple of weeks. This can feel intruding, but this is a fairly normal practice for those looking for a new home in London. You can even contribute some money towards electricity bills or rent as a thank you to your host. 


Moving to London bridge


2. Finding your home

There are several ways you can find a home in London, whether that be through an estate agent such as Right Move or on social media sites. If you are moving to London on your own, house-sharing is a great option and brings a wealth of economic and social benefits. House-sharing is often far cheaper than renting an entire home, for example, and brings new opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. 

When searching for your home, we’d recommend opting for one that is near a tube station. With heavy commuter traffic, driving in London can be stressful (and expensive), so travelling by public transport is often your best bet. 


3. Settling into your home

It’s moving time, and your stress levels are high. It’s important to ensure that when you move, you hire a reliable moving company to help with your move. At Bishop’s Move, we provide a comprehensive range of moving services in and around the city of London. We’ll help pack and wrap your belongings, and safely deliver them to the door of your new home in London. 

When it’s time to move into your new London home, it is important to feel comfortable in your new surroundings. Begin to establish a sense of familiarity, by visiting local coffee shops and walking in local parks, or make some new friends by joining social interest groups.

Moving to central London

4. Finding a job

If you don't already have a job secured in the city, your next step will be to find a new role. There is a huge range of recruitment agencies in London, specialising in a scope of different fields. Do some research before contacting an agency, however, as this can also help you navigate a successful job find. 


5. Establish a routine

When moving to a new home anywhere in the world, your usual routine will be disrupted. However, it is really important to get back into the habit of following your daily routines, such as getting a membership at the local gym, doing regular food shops and planning your evenings with friends. This will make your move to London feel much more organised.