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Best Packing Materials for Moving Home

28 Mar 2022

Best Packing Materials for Moving Home

Moving house is both one of the most exciting and stressful times in your life and there is always a lot to prepare for. One of the biggest aspects of making sure that your move runs as smoothly as possible is ensuring that you pack all your belongings in advance. Having loose items or trying to pack things up on the day means you can be left running around at the last minute. But one of the biggest questions is often how much and which packing materials you will need for moving house. We have put together a list of packing materials you will need for moving along with the average cost.

List of Packing Materials for Moving House

  1. Furniguard or Packing Paper
  2. Brown Packing Tape
  3. Cardboard Boxes
  4. Furniture Covers
  5. Moving Blankets
  6. Marker Pens
  7. Cleaning Supplies

Furniguard or Packing Paper

One of the first packing supplies you might think of when moving home is bubble wrap, and it is essential for smaller and more fragile items. It can also be used for stuffing in boxes, although for less delicate items you might consider newspaper or other scrap paper instead. Our wrapping paper is excellent for preventing the movement of items within boxes, which is available from our packing boxes shop for just £12.00 per ream.

However, you should note that bubble wrap is known to mark furniture in transit. Our recommendation as a professional moving company is to use Furniguard instead. This roll of material serves the same function as bubble wrap, but it is known for maintaining furniture with no damage throughout home moves. The amount needed will depend on the size of your home and the number of fragile items. Sometimes 50m of Furniguard will be sufficient, however you might be better off purchasing more than you need in case of oversight.

In any case, you should check your removals insurance with your removal company in the event of damage. 

Brown Packing Tape

When you have wrapped things in bubble wrap or paper it can also be a good idea to seal fragile items with packing tape. Damage is common when bubble wrap is not secured properly and items move about inside the packing boxes so securing with tape can be a good way to avoid this. We would recommend brown packing tape for all of your needs as it is strong and suitable for securing cardboard boxes for your move as well. You get around 50m of tape on a roll of brown packing tape so you shouldn’t need more than 5 rolls of tape. You can find brown packing tape for £2.40 per roll from our website.

Cardboard Boxes

Something essential for moving is making sure that you have enough cardboard boxes for storing and transporting all of your belongings. It is often recommended that you ask around in stores for disused cardboard boxes to save on costs. While this is good advice, it can be a tiresome task and it can’t be underestimated how much easier having plenty of quality cardboard boxes helps make the moving process stress free. The number of cardboard boxes you will need for a house move can vary largely anywhere from 20-50 depending on the size of your house or apartment. We would recommend a minimum of 25 packing boxes, which we offer in a wide range of sizes from just £2.40. 

Furniture Covers & Moving Blankets

Another element of moving home is making sure that furniture is kept safe from scratching and damage during the move. If you are hiring a removals company then they will likely provide furniture covers and moving blankets but you should check this. Furniture covers are often PVC or cotton in material and made to cover whole pieces of furniture for the move. Furniture blankets are as described and are large, often thick, and padded blankets to cover your furniture. The purpose of both of these is to make sure your large pieces of furniture are as protected as possible. If you don’t cover furniture during moving then you can often find scratches or damage on the other end. These often come in packs for around £20 or can be bought singularly for around £5.

Marker Pens

Something that is often overlooked and although only a small part of the moving process is making sure you have enough marker pens for cardboard boxes and labelling. It is often forgotten and people resort to using biros but marker pens can make it much clearer what is in each box and where it should be placed when you move into your new home. It can also be much clearer for your removals team where your boxes are going too so make sure you have some marker pens to hand. A pack of marker pens will cost as little as £5.

Cleaning Supplies

Finally, it is important to make sure you set aside a box for cleaning supplies on arrival and this should likely be the last box on the truck or even take this box in your own car. You will often not know the condition the previous owners or tenants have left the house in before you arrive and making sure you keep cleaning supplies close by means you can get straight to work on arrival. You can at least clean the insides of cupboards and storage areas so you can quickly put things away on arrival. Cleaning bundles are available for around £30 but you can be selective.

These are the top supplies you will need for your packing and we have outlined how much you will need for the average home. Overall, packing supplies for a home will cost around £110 but you may need to spend a bit more or less depending on your needs. If you are using a removal company they may include packing supplies as part of your package. Start designing your moving package today with a free home moving survey with a knowledgeable moving consultant. Our packing services include supplies for customers so why not get a free quote on removals today.