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Placing Antiques in Storage: Everything You Need To Know

12 Jun 2017

Placing Antiques in Storage: Everything You Need To Know
Antique furniture can be worth a fortune but it can also be difficult to find the room to keep it in your home.

Items can also increase in value over time so people tend to hold on to pieces of antique furniture in hopes of selling it for a good price. But if you are storing pieces of antique furniture at your home then you might be running out of room for your other belongings. Using storage solutions to keep your antiques safe might be the perfect solution to helping you gain more space in your home.

Our blog provides you with some tips to help you store antique furniture.


Protect your furniture

One thing that is important to do before taking your antique furniture to storage is to make sure it is protected. This is not necessarily to keep it safe while it is in storage, but to make sure it isn’t damaged while being transported. Getting your antique furniture into storage can be tricky and any small knocks can have an impact on its value. Using something to wrap antique furniture, such as bubble wrap or protective sheeting, is essential to prevent any damage. This will also prevent any dust from settling on the furniture in storage.


Prepare your furniture

You should make sure that your furniture is well prepared before you decide to put it into storage. Make sure that your furniture is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before being put into storage. Check for things like woodworm and wood rot as these can make your furniture deteriorate rapidly over time. Give your furniture a good clean before storing to make sure that it remains in perfect condition during storage. You can also give wooden furniture a coat of quality furniture polish beforehand to make sure it is kept in good condition.


Don’t stack furniture

One of the biggest tips when it comes to storing antique furniture or antique pieces is to avoid stacking it. Many people attempt to make the most of their storage space so they stack as many items as possible. But storing antiques on top of one another can lead to unnecessary damage to your antique items. You should also try to store antique mirrors or paintings horizontally where possible to avoid the chance of them toppling over and getting damaged. If you have any antiques that can be disassembled easily, think about doing this to save room in your storage space.


All that’s left to do is get your furniture to the storage location. This can be a tricky task if you have bulky antiques as they might not fit into your car. Bishop’s Move can solve this problem as we will collect the items from you as part of our storage service. Our professional removals team can load your antique furniture and take it directly to your nearest space. They are trained to take great care with belongings and will even deliver your furniture when you need it again.