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Everything You Need to Know About Storing Antique Furniture

19 Feb 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Storing Antique Furniture
Antiques can be worth a fortune, especially since their value tends to increase over time.

Knowing how to store antique furniture correctly is paramount. When stored incorrectly, antiques can not only take up valuable storage space but also be prone to damage themselves, impairing their market value and emotional value to you. Storage solutions are the best way to create space in your home and protect your antiques. 

Preparing Your Furniture For Storage

To ensure your antiques are preserved in their pristine state, you need to follow certain steps. Following these tips will ensure that when your vintage items come out of storage, they’re as good as they were when they went in.

1. Cleaning & Maintaining Your Antique Furniture

Preparation is vital for storing antiques, be it wooden furniture or ceramic pieces. The first step to preparing your furniture for storage is to give it a thorough clean. Soft cloths dipped in warm water with a touch of washing liquid are ideal for hard surfaces. For upholstered furniture, professional cleaning is recommended. Your antiques should be completely dry before being transferred to storage.

It is also recommended to have your furniture checked for any potential cracks and weak points by an antiques expert. Using a professional packing service will ensure that your antiques have all the protective covering they need to protect them from damage in transport. Even more so than with modern furniture, you need to be extra careful to ensure your antiques are secured during their transportation and whilst they are in storage. 

2. Applying Conditioner Before Storage

Depending upon the nature of your antiques, you will require different products for conditioning them. Typically, antique furniture is composed of hardware for which beeswax is ideal. Metal objects will require rust treatment, and leather items sufficient oiling before they are transferred to storage.

3. Store Your Antique Furniture in the Best Position

Antiques should be stored in the correct position to protect them from potential damage. Paintings and antique mirrors should be placed horizontally, and in a manner that prevents them from toppling over. Chairs and tables should be stored in a standing position, however, the legs should be elevated to allow airflow.  You should also avoid stacking furniture as it can damage your antiques. Disassembling potential furniture makes it convenient for storage and also saves space. 

An antique chair and a table against a white wall.

How to Store Antique Wooden Furniture

Wood is one of the most popular materials for antique furniture. It is durable and long-lasting, and has that classic, romantic quality. To retain the value of your antique wood furniture, it is essential that you treat it correctly.

  1. Applying a coat of wax or furniture polish will prevent any cracks from appearing. You must allow the polish to dry off before storing your wooden furniture.
  2. Any glass parts need to be removed and sealed in bubble wrap to prevent breakage.
  3. Drawers should be removed and wrapped in towels to prevent damage from moisture.
  4. Breathable fabrics such as cotton prevent dust and debris from getting in crevices. It can be used as an extra layer of protection. 
  5. Antique wood furniture should also be kept elevated to protect it from dirt on the ground, and possible moisture in case of water seepage. Pallets and cinder blocks can be used for this purpose.

A collection of antique vases, clocks, and candlesticks.

Antique furniture items are relics of the past and hold precious memories. To ensure they last for generations to come, they need to be stored correctly. With Bishop’s Move, our professional removals team is skilled in moving antiques. From skillful packing and loading to delivering antiques to your desired storage location, our team takes great care at each step to ensure that your valuable possessions are in the best condition when you need them.