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Packing Glasses for Moving Home

20 Feb 2024

Packing Glasses for Moving Home
One of the most fragile items on your packing list will be glassware.

While glasses and jugs are most commonly found in the kitchen, ornaments and vases also fall under this category and are equally breakable. Whatever it might be, you don’t want to arrive in your new home with broken items. If you properly prepare, there will be no disappointment when it comes to unpacking in your new surroundings! 

With more than 170 years of experience in moving families just like yours across the UK and the world, we know a thing or two about packing up a home’s worth of objects. And with our expertise in handling antiques, you can be sure that fragile items are our forte. With the right materials and techniques, your glassware will all arrive in one piece.


Materials For Packing Glassware

Before you pack your glassware, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all the right packing materials. Ensuring that your glass stays in pristine condition all starts with this stage. Don’t leave this to chance, as it could make all the difference for that relaxing glass of wine on your first day in your new home! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Crumpled Paper / Newspaper: You’ll likely have newspaper around the house already - this is great for wrapping each individual item to prevent scratches on your glassware.
  • Bubble Wrap: A popular packing material, bubble wrap will protect your items from each other and the inside of your moving boxes.
  • Parcel Tape: Strong tape is essential for keeping boxes securely shut and their contents safe on their journey to their new home.
  • Sturdy Boxes / Crates: While you should avoid placing objects on top of glassware, it’s always a good idea to use sturdy boxes or containers for these more fragile objects.
  • Packing Peanuts (optional): If you have large items of glassware, packing peanuts are a good way to provide an additional protective barrier.
  • Box Dividers (optional): These are great for drinking glasses, to prevent glasses from scratching one another when packed tightly together.
  • Permanent Markers: Keeping track of the fragile boxes in your collection of moving containers is a good way to ensure they’re handled correctly. Writing “fragile” or “glassware” on these containers is essential.

Preparing Glass for Moving

How exactly you wrap and pack your glassware will depend on the exact intricacies of each item. Here are a few tips for how to wrap your glasses, which are universal to any type of glassware and should protect against scratches or other damage.

Ensure the Same Width Throughout

If glasses have stems, like cocktail glasses or wine glasses, you should use bubble wrap and packing paper to pad out the thinnest section so that the glass is wrapped to be the same width throughout. This will prevent stems from snapping inside your moving boxes.

Leave no Edges Uncovered

Tuck any paper ends into the opening of the glass to ensure that all lips and edges are covered by a protective material. These are the most exposed and likely to be chipped during the move. 

Stack Glasses of Similar Sizes

To save space within a box, you can choose to stack glasses of similar sizes. Lay a piece of bubble wrap or newspaper within the cavity of the bottom glass before stacking the next wrapped glasses inside. Don’t push down as this can damage the bottom layer, and don’t pack heavier items on top of more fragile ones.

If you don’t want to worry about your belongings in transit, enlist the help of our packing experts at Bishop’s Move. We use only the highest quality materials and all our staff are trained in packing a wide range of items, from the bulkiest to the most fragile.

Steps For Packing Glassware

Now you’ve got your glasses wrapped and ready to go, here’s how to pack them into your sturdy moving boxes and containers.

Step 1: Line your container or moving box with paper or bubble wrap to add a first layer of protection at this step. 

Step 2: Sort glassware into items of similar sizes and pack them together.

Step 3: Pack heavier, sturdier items first at the bottom of your box.

Step 4: If you don’t have spacers in your box, place wrapped glasses in neat rows to minimise movement during transit.

Step 5: Ensure a layer of cushioning at the top of the box.

Step 6: Properly secure the box with tape and label the box with the contents.

Handling Glassware During a Home Move

Ultimate care is required when handling fragile items such as glassware during a home move. No sudden movements, no careless bumps, and ensuring the box is surrounded by items that are as soft as possible in the moving van. 

If you opt to move with Bishop’s Move, you can rest assured that all our moving teams are professionally and expertly trained to handle all kinds of fragile items. Get in touch today to start planning your move with a free home moving survey