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11 Best Places to Live in Leeds

18 Dec 2023

11 Best Places to Live in Leeds
Leeds is a vibrant city with a lot to offer people moving to the local area, from bustling suburbs to quiet villages.

If you are thinking about moving to Leeds then you might be wondering what the best areas to move to in the region are. It does depend on what you are looking for when moving to Leeds. Still, we have tried to make your decision easier by choosing 11 of the best areas in Leeds to live in.

1. Horsforth

One of the most popular areas to live in Leeds is the suburb of Horsforth, due to its proximity to the city centre and connections to other local towns and cities. Horsforth has its own train station on the edge of town, making it the perfect commuter area. Trains are readily available to take you to York, Harrogate, Bradford, and Wakefield. You can also get the train into Leeds city centre in just over 15 minutes too, giving you an easy commute. 

Horsforth in Leeds is also popular thanks to its great selection of local primary and secondary schools. With some of the best-rated schools in the city, Horsforth is popular amongst young families and couples. There are also a number of green spaces too including Rodley Nature Reserve on the edge of the town. You’ll also find several restaurants, cafes, and bars so you don’t have to venture into the city centre.

2. Roundhay

The green grass of Roundhay park in Leeds.

Talking of green spaces, Roundhay is one of the most popular areas in Leeds for just that reason. Roundhay Park is known as one of the largest green spaces in Leeds and hosts several events all year round. The park holds the largest bonfire and fireworks night every year and several music events throughout the year. Property prices tend to be higher here than in some of the other suburbs.

If you have a car, the commute into Leeds is easy enough, but if you plan to take public transport, it might take longer than in some residential regions. Public transport into the city centre would involve getting the bus. With the rise in remote working, this might be fine, though, and the area is a popular choice for professionals and active families.

3. Leeds Waterfront

If you are a fan of the city lifestyle, then why not move to the city centre? For many years, the historic Leeds waterfront was only known as an area of industry, but significant redevelopment has turned the region into a thriving part of the city. However, it is one of the more expensive areas of Leeds, and many properties are luxury apartments. This makes it popular with young professionals and those looking to rent. 

However, many see the cost as worthwhile for the convenience of living right in the city's heart. Leeds waterfront is still considerably less than living in similar accommodation in London but offers many of the same benefits. Easy access to some of the best bars and restaurants, as well as access to central train stations and a short walk to work, make this a top choice for many.

4. Headingly

The area of Headingly has become synonymous with students as it is home to Leeds University and there are a significant number of affordable housing options for students in the local area. This means the region is known as being more lively than some of the other suburbs and you can find plenty of busy pubs and bars in Headingly. It is also home to a number of other colleges and higher education institutions. 

It is not just students that live in Headingly though and the area has become popular with young professionals too thanks to local restaurants, bars, and nightlife. There are also two local train stations in the area of Headingly and some regions have become popular with families due to their proximity to the city centre. There is something for everyone in Headingly but make sure you research the area before deciding to move here.


Blocks of flats by the river in Leeds.

5. Chapel Allerton

The area of Chapel Allerton could be described as having something for everyone. This bustling suburb is close to the city centre but offers its own friendly town with bars, restaurants, and cafes. It is also popular thanks to a wider choice of housing at many affordable price points. In some areas of Leeds, it can be difficult to find housing, but Chapel Allerton is one of the easier regions to relocate to.

Recently, the area has been dubbed the “Notting Hill of the North” and has become a trendy region due to a surge in independent restaurants and other cultural hotspots like art galleries. Regular art and music events are often held in the region.

6. Oakwood

Oakwood offers an attractive, affordable price point and much more. With a blend of period homes and contemporary buildings, Oakwood attracts families and young professionals alike. The commute into the city centre isn’t long, and with its amenities, you may not need to travel further afield very often.

The high street is full of independent boutique shops and popular restaurants and bars, giving the place a buzz even into the evening. Being close to Roundhay Park is a bonus if you want more outside living.

7. Calverley

If you are looking for quaint, quintessential, and beautiful surroundings for your next home, then Calverley should be at the top of your list. There is no denying that living here combines a village feel with the practicality of a town.

Perfect for families, there are many choices of primary and secondary schools nearby, and plenty of greenery to keep the young ones entertained. The friendly community and welcoming feel mean you will feel right at home here.

8. Bramhope

If you're happy to move a little further out of the city and into the countryside, then Bramhope in North Leeds is one of the most sought-after areas. Surrounded by nature reserves and close to the Yorkshire border, including the renowned Golden Acre Park, life here is a little slower than in the city but still well-linked to Leeds.

What attracts families to Bramhope are the great schools. Bramhope is home to primary and secondary schools that are well-regarded, including two that have been rated outstanding by Ofsted.

9. Otley

A bridge from Otley Chavin, North Leeds

There is no shortage of market towns in Leeds, but one that stands out amongst the crowd is Otley. Being close to the Dales, you’ll find some of the freshest produce brought down by local farmers weekly. If the idyllic routine is not enough, then maybe the abundance of pubs and cafes will tempt you.

Surrounded by the best that nature has to offer in these parts of the UK, you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle while being close to a major city. With public transport links into Leeds taking 30 minutes, it is well within commuting distance.

10. Meanwood 

It’s not often a Leeds neighbourhood gets recognized nationally, but Meanwood is often noted for its quirky bars and restaurants as well as its cool and artsy vibe. Located just north of the city, this suburb is popular with many. The area is home to good schools and has great links to the city centre. For weekends, you can find yourself heading out on walks in the many parks and woods nearby.

11. Farsley

Nestled between Bradford and Leeds, Farsley offers the ideal location for families or couples needing to commute to and from these cities. The town has seen an influx of independent shops, boutiques, bars, and restaurants. There will be no shortage of places to socialise and unwind after a day at work.

Because of its commuting distance, you’ll find house prices here more affordable than those closer to the city. But the 30-minute commute by public transport can make the move near Leeds worth it. With many local schools and facilities, Farsley offers families everything they need.

Leeds Dock at dusk, Leeds, Yorkshire, England, UK

Our guide should hopefully give you a better idea of where you want to move to in Leeds but it is always best that you put the research in before deciding on where to move to. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it is important you make sure you seek professional moving help. Bishop’s Move is based locally in Leeds and has a great deal of experience moving people all over the country. Get a quote today.