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How to choose a Removals Company

12 Aug 2020

How to choose a Removals Company

How to choose the right removals company

Choosing the right removals company will ensure that your move is a smooth move, and not a stressful one!

Since our establishment in 1854, we have seen various removals companies come and go and are well aware that there are plenty of companies to choose from when moving home.

To help you to make the right choice, we've put together these great tips on what you should consider when choosing the right removals company for you when moving house.


Nothing beats a recommendation from friends and/or family members who have recently moved. Word of mouth is a great way to get an honest opinion and find a reliable removals company - take a look at our customer reviews.

Customer Reviews

Check to see if any of the removals companies current customers positively endorse their services.

Over 98% of our customers would recommend us - take a look at our Trustpilot reviews


Obviously there are always cost implications when choosing a removals company, but if you plan these costs in to your total moving costs it can help you to avoid the cowboys. When comparing quotes from removals companies, make sure you are comparing like-for-like services, as a good removals company will tailor their services to ensure that you are getting the right services for the right price.


Avoid choosing a removals company with only a mobile number as it's contact. An established removals company will have various easy-to-use methods to get in touch, as well as give you a dedicated account handler, reassuring you that they have the resources to handle your enquiry professionally.

What insurance do they offer?

With over 165 years experience behind us we are well aware that the unexpected can happen from time to time, the handling and transportation of goods is never completely without risk. Different removals companies will offer insurance in many guises, with some selling 'liability only' insurance instead of full cover for your personal possessions. And with many household content insurance policies not covering moving home, it is wise to check these details out carefully prior to selecting your removals company.

Care of valuable and fragile items

Many items that we have are of particular sentimental value, as well as monetary value, and will require extra care and protection when moving. Check how your removals company will pack and protect these items, as most professional relocation companies will use specialist packing materials and bespoke crating to ensure these items are protected during transit to your new home.

How smart are the removal vehicles and crew?

Whilst this might seem superficial to begin with, the fact that the crew are happy to embrace and wear the removals company brand definitely shows that they are proud of their work. The state of the removal vans is also a big indicator of how successful the removals company is, with a professional company having a fleet of modern, purpose-built vehicles that will ensure the safe transportation of your furniture and personal effects.

What standards of quality do they have?

There are no laws preventing anyone from setting up a removals company, so it is good to check to see whether your preferred removals company is accredited in any shape or form. As well as ISO accreditation, choosing a house mover that is a member of the British Association of Removers will ensure that you a using a removals company that operates to the highest of standards in the UK, whilst a FIDI accreditation is the highest standard for international relocation companies.

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Do they offer additional services?

Well established removals companies will know that each move is as individual as their customers, some will want cleaners and handymen to dismantle furniture, whilst others will be looking for secure storage or unpacking services. These additional services can also include concierge, decluttering and junk removal. Check to see that your removals company can provide the services you require to make your move easier.

Does the company have an environmental approach?

Choosing a removals company that has green credentials should not cost you any more. Packing boxes and wrapping materials should be environmentally sources and vehicles should be operating with low emissions.

Bishop's Move also offers all it's customers the opportunity to support the World Land Trust by opting to plant a tree and carbon balance their move.