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Moving House - A Quick Checklist!

08 Sep 2020

Moving House - A Quick Checklist!
Moving House - A Quick Checklist!

Moving house can be stressful, especially during lockdown! Find out what you need to do and who you need to tell when you're moving house with our free to download home-moving checklist.

Download our easy-to-follow Moving House Checklist

Who Should I Notify About Moving?

The postal office does run a very useful redirection service for your post, but it also a good idea to inform all the following organisations of your imminent move:

Approx. 4 Weeks to Moving

  • Confirm your moving date with your removals company. Doing your research on the companies available to you prior to this is key to choosing the right company. 
  • Prepare a list of fixtures you are leaving in the house.

3 Weeks to Moving

2 Weeks to Moving

  • Dismantle any self-assembly furniture (pop screws in a bag and tape to a large part of the item so not to loose them)
  • Arrange to have your gas, electricity, telephone and water meters read.
  • Start using everything up in your freezers.
  • Clear the loft (unless your removal company is doing this for you)>
  • Drain fuel from lawnmowers/motor cycles
  • Take down any fixtures you are taking with you
  • If you are moving in or out of a block of flats, arrange to have use of the lift.
  • Prepare plants for transit - learn how to move elements of your garden with our useful guide to moving plants.

1 Day Before Moving

  • Take down TV aerials or satellite dishes if they are part of the move.
  • Disconnect any light fittings you are taking.
  • Seal packets and tighten jars of food
  • Defrost refrigerator and freezer overnight.
  • Set aside an area marked “DO NOT MOVE” for coats, handbags, kettle, snacks, tools and cleaning materials - ask for one of our Bitz boxes to place smaller items in and keep them safe!
  • WiFi might not be set up and working at your new home yet, so make the most of it! Download or print out any directions or instruction manuals you think you might need over the next few days - as well as have a quick check for local places near your new home that offer free WiFi access (they might come in handy!)

And don't forget to pack a Moving Day survival kit!
This should include essential items you may need when arriving at a near empty house such as a kettle, milk, tea/coffee, mugs, some biscuits or snacks for the kids, bread, water, toilet roll, toiletries, some cutlery and a few small plates.


To make moving day easier, it can help to arrange a play date or child care for your younger children so that they are kept occupied and not bored by all the packing. But if they would prefer to help out - that is great!

  • Try to keep you pets safely calm and contained, ideally in a dedicated room,as loose dogs can get in the way of those carrying heavy boxes and cats can get anxious and do a "disappearing act" at the last minute.
  • Lock your valuables somewhere safe and keep them with you at all times. (Don't put important documents in to storage or loose in a box!)
  • Before the removal van leaves, check your entire home to make sure that nothing has been forgotten.
  • Ensure that the crew have directions to your new house and a phone number to contact you.
  • Arrive at your new property, with the keys, before the removal van.

If you follow these top tips, and choose the right removals company to help you, moving home is a breeze! See how we can plan the perfect move for you with a free home moving survey - get started today.

Download the Free Moving House Checklist