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Bishop’s Move undertakes move for Dundee’s McManus Gallery

02 May 2017

Bishop’s Move undertakes move for Dundee’s McManus Gallery

The McManus look to the UK’s largest family owned removal company to undertake the specialised relocation of their model ship collection.

Built on former marshland and situated north of the old city walls, The McManus has seen an extensive renovation program, providing a platform for a greatly improved visitor experience and a 'must see' attraction in the heart of the city. The restoration took place between 2006 and 2009 and the 'revitalised' McManus re-opened to the public in February 2010. This restoration was funded by Dundee City Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the European Union and Historic Scotland, with additional contributions from The McManus Fundraising Appeal . Visitors are now offered an educational insight into Dundee through the museum’s eight galleries, providing a wealth of information through their exhibitions of art, history and the environment.

Bishop’s Move’s Edinburgh branch have been involved in the restoration from the early stages, successfully undertaking the daunting task in 2009 of moving the entire art collection to its temporary home in Camper Down House whilst the renovations were in progress.

Bishop’s Move have recently completed the relocation of the model ship collection which comprises of over 20 models all built by local shipbuilders and each with their own story to tell. This is the third occasion on which the Edinburgh branch have attended to undertake moves of this nature.

The model ships were moved from the Gallery’s Collection Unit into The McManus Gallery & Museum only a short distance at roughly 300 metres apart. At the gallery’s request and due to the size of the models and the minimal distance involved, the models were not required to be crated or export wrapped but simply wrapped and packed using a combination of cloth blankets and specialist ‘furniguard’ wrap material. 

David Mills (Bishop’s Move’s Scotland General Manager) commented: “The branch is delighted to be supporting the McManus Galleries with the relocation of the models for a third occasion and greatly enjoy moving them as they are unique and something very different from the day-to-day relocations normally undertaken.”