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How Can Businesses Use Self-Storage?

02 May 2017

How Can Businesses Use Self-Storage?

Self-storage has become a large part of business use. There are multiple ways in which a business is able to benefit from the use of self-storage, whether they are a business who just need a little bit more room or a retailer who needs some additional storage for stock; even a business which is having some refurbishments doing, as they need somewhere to hold valuables. 

Businesses are able to use self-storage as their very own safe keeping location for any tangible goods and documents they have and need to keep a hold of for long periods of time. Self-storage can help you to take your business up a level, and there are massive benefits from making use of storage.  

Saves Space 
Many businesses will make use of self-storage due to the additional space that it offers them. This way it means that businesses are able to still keep all of the important documents or additional stock, but instead of keeping it within their current premises they will keep it in storage. This is ideal for businesses that hold bulky stock, or slow-moving stock; as it will increase your available space, meaning you are able to hold onto larger amounts of stock for longer periods of time. 

Similarly, storage is equally as beneficial for businesses that need to keep multiple files and paperwork, as there may be important documents you need to keep, however, your office space could be very limited. 

Keeping Possessions Safe
Self-storage provides businesses with an alternative sense of security. You may feel as if your business’ premises are safe and secure, but sometimes people feel safer knowing that their valuable assets are locked away and protected somewhere outside of the business. 

Many self-storage providers also supply some insurance cover, that way should any unforeseeable event occur you are protected. As well, as having CCTV cameras across the storage facilities and onsite staff who are there to ensure your belongings are kept safely and securely at all times. 

Reduce Costs
If you were to introduce the use of self-storage into your business it could help you to reduce your expenses and allow you to free up much more space within the premises you have. You might even be able to downsize your current premises, as you don’t have as much to store within your current location. Whether that is with your own warehouse facilities or office space.

If you made the decision to place all of your archives within a self-storage facility, then it could enable you to massively downsize your current facility, perhaps removing the need for a central office location. For instance, if you just need somewhere to store files and documents, and its possible for your staff to work from home, then this could be an enormous overhead you could potentially cut out completely. 

Maintaining Items in Peak Condition
The introduction of self-storage could allow you to prolong the life of your stock. For example, there is a chance your stock could be in the way, and not stored safely due to the lack of space. Therefore, this means the items could be more susceptible to wear and tear damage. With people walking into items or accidentally stepping on things etc. And with the use of a self-storage facility, this will no longer be an issue. Your stock/documents will be kept right out of harm’s way, and by keeping these items well wrapped in storage you are not only protecting them from yourself but offering protection from any potential damage, breaks or dust – something in which you may not be capable of doing in the workplace. 

Businesses can really benefit from the flexibility of self-storage, for instance at any given opportunity you are able to alter your current plan or upgrade your current storage solution to one that fulfils your need better. So, whether you are looking to upscale your business, or you want to downsize, you are able to easily change your storage on demand, in a simple manner to which best suits you and your business. 

Here at Bishop’s Move, we provide a great range of storage options that could help you and your business. So, why not take a look at our website today.