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Bishop's Move's customers raise over £130,000 for charity Sense!

05 May 2021

Bishop's Move's customers raise over £130,000 for charity Sense!
We are pleased to announce that the latest fundraising figures from our #Declutter&Donate scheme for our partner charity, SENSE,  is now over £130,000!

This total is extra special as many of the donations received over the past months have been made during the difficulties of the recent pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, so it is fantastic to see so many of our customers using this opportunity to not only declutter, but help those living with complex disabilities in their communities.

Bishop's Move's #Declutter&Donate scheme allows our customers to easily set aside items they no longer require, from furniture and electrical goods to clothing and toys. We then collect these items on moving day and deliver them to Sense, so that they can sell them on and raise much needed funds to help support people living with complex disabilities. 100% of your donations are delivered to Sense every time.

Sense supports everyone living with complex disabilities, such as being deafblind, helping them to communicate and experience the world. Sense believes that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential - and so do Bishop's Move.

If you are moving home soon, and would like to help Sense, please feel free to ask our team for more information about our #Declutter&Donate scheme.

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