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Colours to Give Your Home a Summer Refresh

10 May 2021

Colours to Give Your Home a Summer Refresh

As the summer approaches and lockdown restrictions continue to ease, you might be thinking about repainting your home ready for welcoming guests. Giving your home a summer refresh can brighten up your living space and make your home feel clean and almost new again. But what colours should you paint your home to give it a summer feel and keep it fresh and airy? You should ideally keep the colours light to give your home an open feel, but we have put together a guide to help you redecorate this summer. Take a look at our step by guide for each room to get some inspiration for giving your home a summer refresh.

How to Prepare Your Walls

The first thing that you should consider before thinking about repainting is whether or not your walls need preparing first. You should ideally inspect your walls for any hairline cracks, scuffs or marks that need repairing. Getting these imperfections repaired before you start your painting job can help to make sure you have a good finish when painting. Follow these steps when painting to make sure you achieve a good finish on your walls;

  • Repair Imperfections - use an interior filler, available ready-mixed, to repair any cracks or imperfections in the wall, allowing drying time before sanding down.
  • Cover Dark Colours - if your walls are painted with dark colours then it can be a good idea to do a base coat in white first to allow your topcoat a better colour.
  • Remember Masking Tape - cover things like light switches and tape up to the edge of the wall and ceiling or coving to ensure you don’t have to spend ages cleaning or repainting ceilings!
Best Paint Colours for a Living Room

If you are looking for fresh colours to give your living room an uplift this summer then you should consider lighter and neutral shades. Grey is a really popular colour choice at the moment and although you might think this can look cold and dark, there are plenty of greys that have a blue tinge and can leave your living room looking cool and airy. Beiges are a timeless colour for the living room and can still make your living space feel refreshed but a lot of people are looking for alternatives. Consider a lighter shade of green for your living to make it feel really fresh and to add an air of elegance to your room.

Best Paint Colours for a Kitchen

With the summer season coming up it is likely you will be planning on having people around your home for dinner parties. If you have a kitchen come dining room then you might want to think about giving the kitchen a repaint and refresh for the summer. A popular colour to use for kitchen spaces is actually to go for white or an off white to keep the space feeling light and airy. That way you can also accentuate with painted kitchen cabinets and darker worktops or appliances. Red is also a colour that is often used in kitchen spaces and can add a Mediterranean feel to your kitchen space. You could try red for an accent wall in your kitchen space.

Best Colours to Paint a Bathroom

With restrictions easing further this summer, it is likely that we will be able to have friends and family staying over. If you haven’t decorated your bathroom in a while then you might want to think about giving this a fresh coat of paint for a summer refresh. One of the most popular colours for a bathroom space is blue. Blue paint comes in a wide range of shades with hints of grey or even a slight purple tinge. If the colour you're looking for isn’t on the shelf then why not consider paint mixing instead, available at most DIY retailers.

These are just some guides on what colour you could paint your rooms to give them a refresh and a light summery feel before welcoming guests. If you have a lot of belongings cluttering up your home this can make decorating and entertaining guests difficult, so why not consider self-storage? If you are looking for self storage then make sure you get in touch with Bishop’s Move.