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12 Tips for Moving Home with Kids

15 Nov 2023

12 Tips for Moving Home with Kids
Moving can be a very stressful and emotional time. But moving with young children can bring its own challenges.

While you might hold nothing but excitement for your next chapter, it can be a confusing time for kids. At Bishop’s Move, we appreciate that your family’s welfare is the most important thing.  If you are thinking of relocating your family, we have some handy tips on how to best prepare.

Top Tips for Moving Home with Children

1. Help your child learn about their new city and maybe research places like zoos, parks and museums that they might enjoy in their new neighbourhood.

2. Prepare a package for your child with their favourite toys, books, clothing and snacks for the all-important moving day. Ensure that it is reachable for them when they need it, with a special label with their name on it!

3. It’s important to listen to how they are feeling. Even if you might not understand, don’t brush off their concerns. Remember that their understanding of the world will be more limited compared to yours and this big change could feel too much for them. Providing a space to voice their concerns and fears will help to understand how to reassure them.

4. A new school can be a daunting prospect. As you countdown to the first day of school for them, you should bear this in mind. Acting out could be their way of showing their stress or anger.

5. For the new home to feel like theirs, get the kids involved! Ask for their input on how they’d like to decorate their new room - and remember that revamping old furniture is an affordable way to make a big difference.

6. Striking up relationships with neighbours can give you an idea of other children who live nearby and in the local area. For children who come off as shy at first, it could be good to introduce them before school begins, like a BBQ or dinner party. If the focus is not on making friends, this may make it easier for quieter kids.

7. For playdates with new friends, activities can take the pressure off and allow friendships to blossom. Keep it simple, without too much organisation for yourself to worry about, such as a sports game or craft activity.

Mother talking to her young son, who looks upset.


8. If it’s feasible, you can also invite your children’s friends from your old home over for dinner or a game to make them feel a little more sure of themselves. This is a reminder that not everything has changed during the move.

9. As your teenagers adjust to the changes, have patience with them. They might want to talk to old pals for hours on end on the computer, but this is simply a way of honouring their close friendships. Keeping in touch with old acquaintances could ease their transition much more quickly, provided that they are secure doing so online.

10. Before moving, schools typically let new students take a tour and spend some time getting to know their surroundings. In order to give them additional experience with the commute and the school, it could be worthwhile to perform a few trial runs during the break.

11. Take advantage of clubs in the holidays put on by play schemes or leisure centres. This could be a great place to form those initial friends and get comfortable meeting new kids before school even starts.

12. After your child has started at their new school, remain vigilant in noticing any changes and check how they’re settling in, without putting too much pressure on them.


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