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When it comes to starting a new life across the world, you want to feel like you’re in safe hands. With Bishop’s Move, feel the full benefit of our 165 years of professional removal experience.

Wherever you’re considering in the UAE, whether Dubai, Abu Dhabi or further afield, our expert, friendly movers are on hand for any questions you might have.

Ready to move to the UAE?


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming more and more of an attractive location for UK residents. The sparkling lights of futuristic cities, soaring temperatures and gorgeous sandy beaches make for an exciting new life. What’s more, young professionals are frequently finding that they can climb the wage ladder much quicker with a move from the UK to cities like Dubai, all while enjoying booming nightlife and exciting pastimes.

Front courtyard of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

UAE Removals Package

An international removal, no matter how far away you’re headed, is a delicate and crucial process. In order to build a fantastic new life in the UAE, there are countless aspects of your life and home to be considered in the moving process. Careful planning is absolutely crucial, which is where our expert moving consultants come in. 

With every move, we first carry out an entirely free moving survey. We will come to your home and have a thorough discussion with you and your family about your priorities, requirements and any special items that we will need to consider for your UAE move. After we fully understand what your move will require, we can then go away to build a moving quote that incorporates everything you’ll need.

When you’re fully happy with your international moving quote, you can then accept and get the ball rolling. From this point, we can begin confirming a moving date with you and you’ll be on your way to the UAE in no time!

How Long Will It Take to Transport My Belongings to the UAE?

Be aware that shipping belongings to the UAE takes several weeks depending on your chosen method. Full container services can take between 3  and 5 weeks, while a part load service can take up to 10 weeks. It’s important to note that you’ll need to allow time for containers to clear customs when they arrive wherever you are in the UAE.

Our export packing teams will meet you on moving day to prepare your home for transport. No matter what the contents of your house, you can feel confident that our professionally trained moving teams had the expertise and knowledge to carefully and securely wrap and pack each item. From secure documents to fragile antiques, we can handle it all.

Secure Storage in the UAE

It’s important not to underestimate how many belongings you’ll be transporting to the UAE and how many moving parts there are for an international move. It can be invaluable to have moments to pause, which is where removal storage can be incredibly useful. Bishop’s Move has secure storage warehouses across the country to create safe places for your belongings after moving out of your UK home and before being transported across the world. When we undertake our moving survey, our moving consultants can discuss the best possible storage solutions for you.

Fireworks going off over the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

Why Move with Bishop’s Move?

We specialise in curating moves that feel seamless from start to finish, wherever that may be. With more than 165 years in the removals sector, we are certified experts in our field and know how to make even the most complicated moves feel simple. Whether you’re moving with children, pets, or fragile antiques, our friendly team members are there at every step to support you however they can. 

Whenever you’re ready to go, get a free quote with us today and start the ball rolling on your new life in the UAE.