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Are you moving to Sweden? Whether you’re planning a big move to Stockholm, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Visby or anywhere between, Bishop’s Move has the expertise to get you to there easily and professionally.

Our services don’t stop at relocating – we’ll also pack up all your belongings and guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to visas, foreign exchange.

Moving to Sweden?


To get started, all you need to do is arrange a free moving house survey with Bishop’s Move. We’ll send one of our friendly and helpful moving consultants to visit you at home, answer any questions and examine the size of your move before providing you with a quote. When you are happy to proceed, we’ll arrange a date and make the subsequent arrangements. 

Moving to Sweden is a big step, but many people find the move to be a very positive experience. From fantastic employment perks to the excellent healthcare, Sweden is known for taking excellent care of its citizens, who are lucky enough to live in one of the happiest nations. To help you in your planning, we’ve included some information about living in Sweden that you might find helpful.

Standard of Living

Individuals living in Sweden experience an excellent standard of life and are ranked among the happiest populations in the world. Sweden is a socially progressive country with equitable wealth distribution. The country is also environmentally conscious and invests in the wellbeing of its citizens and residents. It’s also a beautiful country with a strong outdoor lifestyle and a friendly population.  

Housing Market

While larger cities in Sweden, like Stockholm, face the common problem of housing shortages (therefore making homes more expensive) the rest of the country is typically affordable. For between £100,000 - £200,000 you should be able to find a perfectly respectable home in Sweden, especially in the more affordable areas which are coastal or within major city centres.


Sweden is well known for its excellent employee benefits, including generous parental leave for both genders, as well as paid sick leave and holiday, and excellent pay for overtime. Sweden also has a very low unemployment rate with steady job growth creating new opportunities regularly for those keen to join the country’s working force.


In terms of education, Sweden has always been progressive and successful with education. However, like so many countries, the performance of students in Sweden has dropped in recent years due to reforms brought about in the 1980s and 1990s. The Swedish government is working to correct this, and education, including university, remains free.  


The standard of healthcare in Sweden is very good. In fact, due to the excellent health of Sweden’s citizens, the population is an ageing one, with 20% of the population over the age of 65. There also exists a cap on patient fees to help keep medical costs down, especially for patients who require a lot of care. Furthermore, the universal coverage of healthcare in Sweden means that expats are able to receive this excellent care.