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If you are considering moving to Serbia, then Bishop’s Move can help to make sure that your removal is stress free.

We have a great deal of experience with a dedicated European removals team, able to take care of all the finer details of your move. No matter what city you are planning to move to, we can help you successfully settle in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš or anywhere else in the country.

Moving to Serbia?


To get your removal process underway, simply get in touch with us to arrange a free moving survey and one of our specialist team members will attend your home to calculate and discuss all of the notable variables to consider when moving to Serbia. Our European removals team will then have an accurate understanding of your needs and can advise accordingly. Once the survey has been conducted you will then receive a personalised quote which will clearly outline all aspects of the service.

The Republic of Serbia is a landlocked sovereign state in South-East Europe. It shares its borders with several countries including Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Serbia is a member of many international organisations including the UN and has been negotiating its EU accession since 2014. It is expected that Serbia could join the European Union by 2025. The country has a strong economy focus on the service sector followed by industry and agriculture.

We have a great deal of experience in moving people all across Europe, and our removals team will make sure that we take care of everything for your move. We can pack away all of your belongings for you so that you have plenty of time to focus on the more important aspects of your move. All of this can be done prior to your moving date or on the actual day of your removal.

Our removal service is also completely customisable and we can adapt our service depending on your individual needs. This means if you want to pack some of the belongings yourself or take items of particular emotional value with you when travelling, then this is not a problem at all. Our removals team will factor in all of your requests and adjust our quote accordingly.