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Are you planning on moving to Saudi Arabia? No matter whether you are moving to Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca or Qatif, we have an experienced team that can help to make your move easier and stress free.

We can take care of all aspects of the move to make sure you have enough time to organise the more important aspects of your move. We can even help with things like visas and legal documents if you require assistance.

The first point of call is to get in touch with us and arrange a personalised moving house survey. We will then send a member of our expert team to your home so that we can better understand your needs. This survey will also ensure that we don’t miss anything and make sure that we have plenty of room for all of your belongings.

You can ask our expert any questions that you might have about the process whilst they carry out all of the necessary checks that need to be made. We will then provide you with a quote before arranging the final details of your removal process. You can then personalise the final aspects of your move to ensure we have covered everything.

Moving to Saudi Arabia?



Standard of Living

If you are planning on moving to Saudi Arabia then you will be pleased to know that there is a good standard of living, with government involvement in programs that are designed to reduce poverty. There is also free education and healthcare for Saudi citizens, as well as a plot of land and a loan to build a house. The cost of living is considerably less than the UK and can be up to 60% cheaper.

Housing Market

House prices are somewhat cheaper than the UK and rent prices are also considerably less. However, the stability of the housing market has been known to fluctuate so it is worth doing some research when buying and potentially beneficial to consider renting, depending on how long you are moving for.



There are plenty of job opportunities in Saudi Arabia with a large number of opportunities in the construction industry.


Education is free for Saudi nationals but expats don’t have access to public schools. There are however plenty of high standard international and private schools in Saudi Arabia, but places can be limited here with high fees. It is worth looking into the schooling situation before you decide to make the move.


Saudi Arabia also has a public healthcare system that is free for all nationals. However, health insurance is compulsory for all non-Saudi nationals and is even compulsory for Saudi nationals working in the private sector. It is important that you factor the cost of this into your budget when planning to move to Saudi Arabia.