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Moving to Poland

Statue in a square in Warsaw, Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s hidden gems. Krakow is continuing to blossom as a city, but many other areas of Poland are becoming popular with expats. If you’re planning to relocate to Poland, Bishop’s Move can help you every step of the way. We’re highly experienced with removals to Europe, and Poland is no exception. Our years of experience in international removals means that we can ensure that your removal to Poland is a smooth and stress-free process.

At Bishop’s Move, our services don’t stop at safely packing and delivering your belongings to your new home in Poland. We can also help you navigate the visa process to make sure that you have no issues concerning your paperwork for gaining entry into the country.

If you’re ready to get the process started for your move to Poland, simply contact Bishop’s Move to arrange your free moving house survey. At this stage, one of our highly experienced, professional and friendly moving consultants will come to your home and get as much information about your move as possible and answer your questions. They’ll also evaluate the size of your move in order to provide you with an accurate quote. Then, if you’re happy to proceed, we can set a date for your move to Poland.

Cost of Living

Unlike many other European countries, living within large cities is quite affordable in Poland. Even the capital city, Warsaw, is quite affordable. Housing in most areas is also readily available, meaning that expats shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere suitable to live.

Average wages in Poland is still lower than average, though it is on the rise. This is compensated by the fact that most living costs, including buying food, paying rent or mortgages and other essential costs of living are considerably lower than other European countries.

Quality of Life

Most cities in Poland have a strong arts and culture vibe, meaning there are plenty of festivals and events for locals and expats to attend. On the other hand, the working environment can in some settings be quite high pressure. While this does depend on workplace settings, citizens and residents in Poland are hard workers who can spend long hours in the office.

Healthcare in Poland is of a very high standard and is very affordable. Compared to many other countries, private healthcare is much more affordable and is often included in a benefits package with full-time work.