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Bishop’s Move can help you if you are thinking about moving to Malta.

Our experienced team have a great deal of knowledge about the country and we can ensure that your move is as easy as possible. We have a European removals team that can make sure your move runs smoothly and ensure you don’t run into problems along the way.

Moving to Malta?


You can get the removal process underway by simply getting in touch with our team today and arranging a free removal survey. We will send one of our specialist team members round to your home to discuss all aspects of the move and ensure that we provide the right service to meet your needs. Our team will make sure that we have everything covered and provide a large enough removal team on the day to get all your belongings to a new country. Once we have completed the survey we will then provide you with a personalised removal quote.

Malta is made up of an extensive group of islands in the Mediterranean sea. Its in between both the Italian island of Sicily and the North African coast. It has a number of historic sites related to various ruling factions throughout history including the Romans, French and British rule. The country has a long Christian legacy and is a popular tourist destination for people visiting from Europe. The country has a Mediterranean climate and remains fairly warm all year round, with average temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C.

No matter where you are planning on moving to in Malta, our European removals team have a great deal of experience. Whether you are looking to move to Valletta, Birgu or Qormi, we have the experience to ensure everything runs smoothly. We can provide tips and information about the local city to make sure that you settle in quickly. 

We also provide a fully customisable approach to our removals process, so you can get the perfect service to meet your needs. If you wish to pack all of your belongings yourself, then we can adapt our service to meet your specification accordingly. We can provide a service that is tailor made for you, so you can be confident that you are getting the best value for money in our removal service.