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Thinking about moving to Latin America? Brazil could be the perfect destination.

Bishop’s Move can take care of all aspects of your relocation to ensure the process runs smoothly and is as stress-free as possible. Whether you are planning on moving to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife or anywhere else in Brazil, our team has a great deal of experience and can help to make sure everything arrives safely.

Moving to Brazil?



Why Move to Brazil?

The Federative Republic of Brazil is the seventh most populous country in the world, with more than 216 million people living there. It is also the largest country in both Latin and South America with the capital of Brasília at its heart. Portuguese is the official language in the country and, due to centuries of immigration, the population is diverse and culturally rich. Naturally, this also contributes to the wide range of cuisine and food preparation techniques from various influences all over the world. 

You should expect to experience a varied climate in Brazil, generally characterised by tropical in the north and temperate in the south. The northeast of the country receives the least amount of rain. The warm weather is typically representative of the warm hearts you will meet there and is often a contributing factor as to why people move to Brazil.

The official currency of the country is the Brazilian Real and it has an advanced emerging economy. It has the eleventh-largest GDP in the world and a diverse, dynamic economy that has been largely driven by natural resources and manufacturing industries. Other advanced industries include cement production, chemical production and aerospace. The economy is often commended for being resilient despite facing challenges. 

The relatively high cost of living is certainly a consideration and one of the most important things to know before relocating to Brazil. However, with the Amazon Rainforest on your doorstep, countless opportunities for international professionals and a friendly, diverse population, it’s not difficult to see the appeal of a move to Brazil. 

Brazilian woman in a traditional bright dress and headgear for Carnival

How to Move to Brazil

As with most international moves, you will be required to obtain a country-specific visa that will allow you to legally stay and work in Brazil. In this case, you must do so prior to travelling. The long-term visas available in Brazil are known as VITEMs but are only temporary to begin with. You will need to attend the local Brazilian Federal Police office following your arrival in order to receive a migration registration card and residency. Whilst these typically only last up to 3 years, they can be renewed. 

You will need to submit a variety of documents in order to support your visa application, this includes:

  • Your passport
  • A passport photograph 
  • Proof of financial circumstances showing you have the means to support yourself during your stay
  • Proof of employment
  • Any other supporting documents related to the purpose of your move

Further information can be found via the Brazilian Consulate in London.

Brazilian Culture

The culture in Brazil has many influences from indigenous Indians, Portuguese and Africans amongst others. The dominance of the influence varies by region, for example, the African influence is strongest around Rio de Janeiro and the northeast. One of the most renowned Brazilian holidays is Carnival, a four-day festival offering extravagance, vibrant colours, music and dance. Carnival celebrates Roman Catholicism and African ancestry and is an event that is not to be missed whilst living in Brazil. 

If you are an avid football fan, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is the most popular sport in Brazil. Many Brazilians will play and support their country passionately. Other popular sports include volleyball, tennis and even yachting. If sport isn’t quite your thing, you will find a plethora of other recreational activities such as dance clubs, cinemas, shopping centres or simply a picnic on one of the beautiful beaches. 

When it comes to Brazilian cuisine, you will certainly not be disappointed by what is on offer. The national dish of Feijoada, a pork and black bean stew, is comfort food that can be made simply and enjoyed by the whole family.  Other delicious delicacies include filled pockets of pastry known as Pastel, deep-fried cod balls and Pão de Queijo, a Brazilian cheese bun.

Historical square in Recife, Brazil

Perhaps the most notable part of Brazilian culture is the generous, kind-hearted people you will find there. With a cheerful nature, a keen focus on family and a genuine interest in others, Brazilians are great to be around and are sure to make life easier when it comes to settling in after your move.


In Brazil, healthcare is a constitutional right and is provided through the Unified Health System for free to all residents and foreigners who are residing in the country. Whilst the system is government-run, the facilities on offer are run by the individual states of the country, which means that standards can vary throughout Brazil. 

Underfunding, staffing issues and the lack of equipment can be a problem with the system and are typical reasons why many expats will opt for private medical insurance.

Working in Brazil

With many opportunities available in this advanced emerging economy, Brazil is a popular choice for professionals seeking a new life overseas. There is a legal maximum of a 44-hour work week and a focus on leisure time and family, which means that the work-life balance is typically good. There is also a positive focus on career development and professional relationships with higher management.

The introduction of the digital nomad visa has been a great addition allowing remote workers to experience life in Brazil without the added pressure of finding local employment. 

Living in Brazil

Finding the right place to live when relocating is crucial to your long-term experience, and in a country like Brazil, your options are vast. Here are some of the popular choices among expats:

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo

With a bustling population of over 12 million, São Paulo is the largest city in South America. As the population is so large, diversity also follows, meaning that there is little requirement to speak Portuguese fluently unless you wish to do so. Boasting a warm, tropical climate, many job opportunities and a slower pace of life than some other cities in Brazil, São Paulo could be a top contender for your move.  


The capital of Brazil must not be forgotten when it comes to considering destinations. The job market is thriving and there are excellent schools and universities on offer for those relocating with children. Brasília is also said to be one of the safer cities in the country. The modern architecture is sure to give you plenty of places to explore during weekends. 

Porto Alegre

With a cooler climate, popular with British expats keen to escape the heat of the capital, Porto Alegre is a city on a slightly smaller scale. Compromising on size, however, doesn’t mean compromising on infrastructure, with good public transport links on offer. The cost of living here is one of the lowest in comparison to other cities in Brazil. 

Moving to Brazil with Bishop’s Move

We have a dedicated international removals team that can take care of all aspects with regard to your move. Our team will make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible so that you have a stress-free removal to Brazil. We can take care of all the small details including coming to your home and safely packing all of your belongings before the actual moving date. Our service is completely customisable, so if there are any aspects of your removal that you require additional assistance with, we will be more than happy to adjust and adapt our offerings accordingly. 

You can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands with Bishop’s Move, founding members of the British Association of Removers. Get in touch today to organise a free moving survey.